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Extras! Mary Jane may have been recast, Brendan Fraser starts some kicks, Star Wars gets some teen rebels, Hercules finds his enemy, and Kevin Bacon is Doctor Who?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

For a place filled with rich people (and tens of thousands of waiters/waitresses all looking for their big break), Hollywood sure has been pretty vocal lately in asking us for our middle-class randelas to get their projects made. You can’t go a week without some celeb announcing their own Kickstarter project. And now, erstwhile George of the Jungle, Brendan Fraser, and The Onion have a kickstarter of their own.

Seriously, Hollywood? Are you really planning on stopping my heart with an awesomeness overload in 2015? With Avengers 2, Star Wars: Episode VII, Fantastic Four, Ant-Man and Jurassic Park 4 already slated for that blockbuster bumper year, now comes word that Independence Day 2 has been set a date of July 3, 2015.

So, Lourens and I saw Man of Steel last night. We know, we know. You hate us and you’re drowning in the jealousy. But don’t worry you won’t have to wait until next week Friday to watch it. Ster Kinekor will having early preview screenings on next Wednesday and Thursday night. They’re virtually all in 3D though.

In the meantime, bookmark these Man of Steel Easter Eggs and character guides (Part 1 and Part 2) from TheMovies.com to peruse once you’ve eventually watched the movie.

No, new poster for Percy Jackson: Seas of Monsters, I will not listen to your heretic orders!


Looks like we need to get used to seeing a whole lot of young faces in Star Wars. One day after it was confirmed that Episode VII will be boasting teenage girl as a lead, we learn that the new animated series, Star Wars: Rebels, will also be following the adventures about a “band of teenagers”. Now the countdown begins to the first episode where somebody uses the Force to pop a zit.

Judging from the box office numbers, I’m going to guess that by now most of you have seen the physics defying Fast & Furious 6.  So then you know that in the film’s rather clever mid-credits scene, a certain villainous badass (who shall remain nameless for the benefit of the 6 of you who still haven’t seen it) shows up to set up the story for Fast 7. Well, said Mr. Badass has an interview at ComingSoon about the role, and also spoke about whether his character will be anything like Luke Evan’s villain in the Fast 6.

“I’m gonna do what I do. (laughs) Obviously we’re trying to work out now what angle to come from. Some people say, “Wait, are you gonna be the villain? The guy who threatens the world and wants to blow everything up?” No. “What kind of an antagonist are you gonna be?” I’m not gonna say what I’m gonna be. The spoilers are the worst, when people already know what you’re gonna do when you come and do it. “You told us last year that’s what you was gonna do and so you did it.” I’m gonna try and keep my mouth shut and not say what I’m gonna be doing.”

So the news broke yesterday that Shailene Woodley’s Mary Jane Watson was being cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with all her scenes being moved to the third film. Well, there’s now a new rumour going around that Woodley may actually be getting the chop herself. She was never a favourite of the fans (who got very vocal about the decidedly plain looking actress playing a character that’s supposed to sex on legs) for the role, so it would actually make sense if she does get dumped. And according to the rumours Cosmopolis star Sarah Gadon, who just recently joined the production in an unspecified role, has actually been cast as MJ.

And before you ask, yes, while still not quite right, she does indeed look a whole lot more like the model MJ that we know, than ol’ Frumpy McBoyface.


Oh, Kevin Bacon, you deliciously named legend, you! The Baconator has been hanging around London quite a bit lately, shooting a couple of different film and TV projects. But that’s not what he’ll tell you he’s doing. No, apparently Bacon has been busy giving the Pom paparazzi some heart conniptions by telling random people on the street that he’s the new Doctor in Doctor Who

Perpetual weirdo Helena Bonham will be getting her fairy tale on with Sir Kenneth Branagh as she has been cast to play the Fairy Godmother in the director’s upcoming live action adaptation of Cinderella. She’ll be bibbity-bobbity booping Lily James who’s previously been cast in the title role.

There’s a new poster out for The Colony, that Laurence Fishburne about a post apocalyptic Earth (yes, another one) that I completely forgot was still coming out.


When Robert Downey Jr was cast as Tony Stark in Iron Man, everybody slapped their foreheads and went “Oh, wow! Why didn’t we think of that? What an inspired choice!”. When Vince Vaughn was cast as Norman Bates in Gus Van Sant’s Psycho remake, everybody slapped their foreheads. Then the side of their heads. Then punched themselves in the stomach, all just to make sure they weren’t just having a bad dream. You can read all about that and more on Screencrush’s list of 10 Horribly Miscast Movie Roles.

Earlier today we heard the rumour that Dwayne Johnson may soon be crossing biceps with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 5. But before then though he needs to fight off another European man in the form of Norwegian actor, Tobias Santelmann. The Kon-Tiki star has been cast opposite “The Rock” as the main villain in Brett Ratner’s Hercules, which has just recently begun production.

If you own a Playstation 3 and are not playing/have not already played, The Last of Us, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. The recently released videogame has been gathering up the critical praise all around, and it’s fully deserving of it. As such there are whole host of rabid fans out, and the guys over at Hit Point Company can apparently be included in that number. They’ve created this incredibly tense short fan film, titled Furthest Reaches, that is based in the world of The Last of Us, and is definitely worth a few minutes of your viewing time.

Last Updated: June 21, 2013

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