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Extras! Meet Carlos Estevez, Poltergeist remake is a sequel, Tom Cruise is no longer an U.N.C.L.E., Saoirse Ronan may be seeing scarlet, and Go home Hangover 3, you're drunk! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Oh look, another TV spot for Man of Steel. Seeing as the others all left us pooping our underpants (a feat more impressive/disgusting since we wear our underpants on the outside), you should probably get right to watching this one, right? Wrong. It seems that this new spot gets a little bit spoilery with what it’s showing. At least that’s what other people are saying. I wouldn’t know since I refuse to watch it, but you have been warned.

Earlier today we heard how World War Z may just have turned around a disastrous shoot to produce an entertaining movie. The Hangover III on the other hand had a pretty uneventful shoot, so they can’t even use that excuse for the fact that they’re getting completely molested by the critics at the moment. It’s currently sitting at 21% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is worse than the badly received second film. Ouch. I think director Todd Phillips may be hoping that he blacks out and forgets this whole episode right now.

Besides for being the focus of some really dodgy Lost fan fiction, Evangeline Lily hasn’t been doing much lately. She’ll soon be seen in the next of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films though as the elf, Tauriel, a character not found in Tolkien’s original book, but created by Jackson specifically for the movie. Here’s how Lily describes the character.

“She’s a very, very young elf. She’s only 600 years old, unlike Legolas who’s like, 1,900 years old and Thranduil who’s about 3,000 years old. She doesn’t have quite the wisdom and pose that those two boys do; she’s a little more… gritty. A little more spontaneous, passionate perhaps.”

“To play this character I need to have a certain amount of grace. But I’m also supposed to be an absolutely ruthless, deadly killer.”

Speaking of deadly, (relatively) young ladies, here’s a new motion poster for Carrie which has just won the Bad Pun of the Day Award hands down.

Seems that the proposed Poltergeist remake will be pulling an Evil Dead. No, nobody’s getting raped by a tree through the TV, rather it seems that much like he did with the latest entry in the Evil Dead franchise, producer Sam Raimi is having this proposed “reboot” actually take place in the same universe as the original film, but just set years later.

I’m not going to lie, I spent a fair amount of my teenage years (and lotion budget) dreaming about girls in space. Unfortunately for me and my dwindling pocket money, I’m not writer-director Nicolas Winding-Refn who is getting paid to do just that, as he works on a remake of classic trashy sci-fi Barbarella.

“We are just writing it still. I kind of went back to the original comic, and really began to close my eyes and fantasize about women in outer space and it looked pretty good.”

That Carlos Estevez sure is living the good life, hey? Wait, you don’t know who Carlos Estevez is? Why, he’s none other than the tiger blood fueled warlock himself, Charlie Sheen! It seems that in a bid to show off his Latino heritage to director Robert Rodriguez, Sheen will be billed in Rodriguez’s Machete Kills under his birth name of Carlos Estevez.


Sheen of course got the name from his father, Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estevez. Oh, you don’t know him either? Maybe  by his other name, Martin Sheen?

So you may have heard that Joss Whedon is looking to bring superhero siblings Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch into The Avengers 2, but did you know that Marvel is using the likeness of Irish actress Saoirse Ronan currently for all internal artwork for Scarlet Witch?

Don’t feel bad if you hadn’t heard about it before, because Ms Ronan actually also just found out herself, and she’s liking what she’s hearing.

“I have heard about it and yes, I would [play Scarlet Witch, if asked]. Yeah, of course I would. I love Joss and I love those films, and I love his handle on them and how he portrayed these kinds of superheroes. I think it’s very different from what anyone else has done. So yeah, I’d love to be in it.”

According to this new poster, it seems that Renny Harlin’s Hercules 3D will be falling the old adage of “Walk soft but carry a big stick. Covered in spikes.” Okay, so maybe that list bit is new.


Along with the poster, news has also come down that Spartacus star Liam McIntyre has joined Kellan Lutz and the rest of the cast in an unspecified role, while B-Grade action hero extraordinaire Scott Adkins will be playing a character called King Amphitryon.

Looks like Tom Cruise is no longer your uncle in the espionage business (Joshua Doore!), as he has apparently left director Guy Ritchie’s feature film remake of classic spy TV series, Man from U.N.C.L.E. as a result of him choosing to rather focus on the newly greenlit Mission: Impossible 5, which he will both produce and star in

Warner Bros are now frantically looking for a replacement lead for the production, which had been moving along nicely, and had already added Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander to the cast, so that it can make it’s proposed shooting start of later in the year.

If you’re above the age of 25, then there’s a fairly good chance that you know at least some of the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. And if you’re star Will Smith’s son Jaden, you better make sure you know all the words, as your dad may rope you into performing in an unofficial Fresh Prince reunion at any moment.

Last Updated: May 27, 2013


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