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Extras! New Bourne Legacy image, Awesome fan-made John Carter trailer, New MIB3 poster and the craziest Star Wars image you'll ever see! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We start today with a new image from The Bourne Legacy. In the image, Jeremy Renner displays his superspy character’s aversion to elevators by instead choosing to slide down between two buildings. Because that’s just how he rolls. Or falls, in this case.

Today’s T-Shirt of the day is brought to you Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire. Also, TeeFury.

Speaking of Star Wars and love… Movieline is reporting that the Star Wars porn parody, Star Wars XXX, is actually getting better reviews than Episode1: The Phantom Menace did. See George Lucas, it’s what I’ve been saying for years: Less Jar-Jar, more double-teaming.

There’s a new trailer out for John Carter, only it’s been made by a fan and not Disney themselves. And I’ll be damned if it’s not one of the best trailers yet:

This trailer features spliced together visuals and audio from the previous trailers, but also used some of the clips that were subsequently released to convey more of the history and background of the film than previously shown. Just looking at the comments popping up around the net, these more explanatory additions have been welcomed by the people who were a bit confused by the vague premise that the official trailers were showing off.

Joblo has a great article up, descriptively titled “C’mon Hollywood, don’t fu-k up The Wolverine”. It looks at what went wrong with the previous film and what should be done to ensure that the sequel doesn’t make the same mistakes.

There are parts of X-Men Origins: Wolverine that I really enjoyed, but overall it was just such a disjointed mess. You could just clearly see the fingerprints of all the various FOX execs who wanted to add their bits, and in so doing ruined it. Also, having Wolverine’s CGI claws look they were done in MS Paint didn’t help matters at all.

Let’s hope that new director, James Mangold manages to revive the character.

There is a new Men In Black 3 poster out. Quite honestly, as much as I enjoyed the first two films (much less in the case of the 2nd, though) , I never really thought that they needed another sequel, and this bland by-the-numbers poster is really not doing anything to convince me otherwise. I’ll probably still watch it, but pretty much just to see Josh Brolin’s Tommy-Lee Jones impersonation.

And continuing what inadvertently turned into a Star Wars themed Extras post… If there’s one thing the internet has taught me, is that there are people out there with far too much time (and patience) on their hands. Case in point: Avinash Arora, who created this Star Wars inspired study in insanity (click for larger version):

Now you may be looking at that pic and wondering what the fuss is about. Sure the Last Supper theme is a cool idea and the pixel art approach is a nice touch, but it’s all been done before, right? Well, not quite like this. Take a closer look (Click for larger version):

Yes, Mr Arora – who was surely either insane before or driven to it afterwards by this exercise – used 70,448 (SEVENTY THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT!!) screen grabs from the Star Wars films to create this image. Each image corresponds to a pixel in the larger image, as can be seen in this completely zoomed in section of Obi-Wan’s head (Click for larger version):

He’s made various sized versions of the image available for download, with the biggest and most detailed being a 900 dpi Billboard sized print. Yes, billboard sized. Way to make the rest of us feel inferior, Avinash!

On that ludicrous note, I am out of here. I need to get started on my own crazy creation: I’m going to make a gigantic, highly detailed portrait using nothing but coffee cup stains. Yes, coffee cup stains! I know it sounds ridiculous and impossible but trust me, it’s going to be awesome and hopef-OH WAIT, SOME OTHER CRAZY PERSON ALREADY F@#$ING DID THAT!!!

Last Updated: February 22, 2012

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