Home Entertainment Extras! Nic Cage is not expendable, Agents of SHIELD reaction, The dead walk again, Jeff Wadlow talks X-Force, Thanos confirmed for Guardians, and Durban Film Festival feels the banhammer?! Plus much more!

Extras! Nic Cage is not expendable, Agents of SHIELD reaction, The dead walk again, Jeff Wadlow talks X-Force, Thanos confirmed for Guardians, and Durban Film Festival feels the banhammer?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Extras! Comic-Con Edition! While we’re all still geeking out to all the major stories that came out of Comic-Con this past weekend, there were a number of other tidbits at the event that we just didn’t have time for in today’s schedule, so we’re throwing them all in here now! And what better way to kick off a kick-ass edition of Extras, than with this new 4-minute long, extended Red Band trailer for Kick-Ass 2 that director Jeff Wadlow showed to the crowds at the film’s panel. It’s comprised of footage we’ve seen before spliced together with interviews with the cast, as well as new footage of Christopher Mintz-Plasse’ hilarious recruitment strategy for his group of supervillains.

Speaking of Jeff Wadlow and Kick-Ass 2, the writer/director needs to stop going to comic conventions and showing off new trailers for his film, so that he can get done on his X-Force script!

“I’m pretty deep into it. I have the whole story completely worked out. I’m about 20 pages into my draft. If I wasn’t promoting Kick-Ass, I would probably have a draft [already], but Kick-Ass is going to slow me down just a little.”

Wadlow also spoke about how they will be addressing the various incarnations that the mutant superhero team has taken over the years, from superhero strike force to black-ops assassins.

“Here’s the thing, I love the current run of Uncanny X-Force. I love the classic run. Part of my take was addressing this idea that X-Force can be many different things, and that’s what got the studio excited. I think the fans will be excited, too.”

We got our first official image of simian revolutionary Caesar from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and it looks like this monkey means business (yes, I know apes are not monkeys, but I’ll be damned if I could come up with something quippy about apes).


Empire also has a good write-up on the film’s Comic-Con panel, including the first snippet of footage shown, as well as star Andy Serkis speaking about how Caesar has now become this leader, and also a family-ape with a wife and son and what that means to him, while director Matt Reeves spoke about he always wanted to be an ape. Yes, he always wanted to be an ape.

There have been talks of a feature film adaptation of videogame pants-poop-a-thon Dead Space for a while now with nothing concrete coming from it, so game publisher EA has decided to take matters in their own hands. Buoyed by production on Need for Speed, which EA is helping to produce, and seeing the way rival Ubisoft is handling their film properties, EA have decided to rather develop the film themselves. Philip Gelatt, writer of Europa Report, has reportedly written a first draft of the script which Justin Marks will be developing for EA. Marks noted that while sticking to the source material is important, some changes will have to be made to Dead Space’s “ghosts in space” story, as we’ve “already seen that movie”.

Marks is also the screenwriter of Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li. You may now begin to cry.

A couple of new posters for upcoming fantasy epic Seventh Son were debuted at the film’s Comic-Con panel, this time focusing on the crimson-haired Julianne Moore and the epically facial-haired Jeff Bridges. Seriously, look at that moustache.

While Comic-Con hogged most of the news this weekend past, we still managed to get some local representation in the headlines. Unfortunately for the wrong reasons. This weekend saw screenings for two separate films cancelled at the very last second at the Durban International Film Festival, and while the second film – Look of Love, acclaimed British director Michael Winterbottom’s biopic on 1960’s Brit porn baron Paul Raymond – was “banned” merely due to the fact that the South African Film Publication Board didn’t receive a copy of the film in time to classify it before its screening, the first film banned, festival opener Of Good Report, got the boot for more controversial (and embarrassing) reasons.

The film, which deals with a controversial sexual relationship between a middle aged man and a 16-year old girl, was deemed to be “child pornography” by the SAFPB, this despite the fact that the sex scene in question is not explicit and the “girl” is actually played by a 22-year old actress. To make matters worse, not only will the film not be screened at the fest, but due to the legal implications of the classification, the filmmakers are legally bound to hand over all film material to the police so as to be physically destroyed.

In a blink and you miss it moment, Duncan “Moon” Jones popped up during the Legendary panel to show off a quick “mood piece” for his feature film adaptation of World of Warcraft. ComingSoon were on-hand to describe (with many exclamation marks) the gritty, live-action clip meant to illustrate the tone of what Jones will be going for, when the film eventually starts production at the end of the year.

“A strange, alien desert with a growing green sky… A storm is coming in. A knight is standing there. He draws his sword… There’s a discarded suit of armor. He takes the shield from a skeleton… It’s World of Warcraft!
He’s gearing up. Creatures are coming over the hills. We follow a camera on an Orc as it moves to take, moving faster and faster…. Just as the Orc’s blade comes down, it cuts to the logo!”

A couple of new posters for 300: Rise of an Empire have debuted showing off lead Sullivan Stapleton’s Themistokles and Eva Green’s main baddie Artemisia’s rather bad battle strategies.

Er, no thanks. I prefer winning after fighting, not dying.

Marvel dropped more bombs than George Dubya Bush at Comic-Con, and one of the best surprises was Joss Whedon revelation that due to some Disney legal wrangling they weren’t allowed to show a clip from the upcoming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series… So they brought the whole damn first episode! Slashfilm has a spoilery write-up on the entire thing, including exactly who J. August Richards is playing, and possibly how Agent Coulson is still alive in the series. For those of you who don’t want to get spoiled, the general consensus from just about every report I’ve seen is that everybody loved it. The show sounds damn entertaining, and contrary to some fans fears, wil be pretty integrated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not just some throwaway spinoff.

Speaking of dropping bombs, Vin Diesel has been hinting at dropping one with regards to that meeting he had with Marvel a few weeks back, but according to Marvel Studios exec Kevin Feige, this bomb ain’t blowing up anytime soon.

“Well, here’s what I will tell you about Vin. And I’ll be very honest with you. We did a press day on the Captain America set last week or something. The very first question was, ‘So how did the meeting with Vin Diesel go?’ I went, ‘Here’s the funny thing, it hasn’t happened yet. It happens at 3 p.m. today.’ And they went, ‘Oh, really?’ And it did and he came by and met. So, I’ll say two things: One, there’s nothing to announce with Vin. Vin is an amazing guy and an amazing personality.”

“No. It’s so far ahead it may not even exist. So, there’s nothing to announce. But, I love Vin and he’s an amazing personality. Look how much attention he’s gotten for a meeting. He’s incredibly shrewd. He’s got a Riddick movie that I can’t wait to see. And the Fast & Furious franchise, in addition to Vin, is a franchise I admire a lot for turning the sixth and next year the seventh into the biggest and most popular one. As far as a piece of it? Could someday we do a Luke Cage: Hero for Hire in that kind of vein? Totally.

In other words, Darryn’s hopes for him voicing Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy just crashed and burned. At least my guesstimate that he’ll be playing Thanos is still going stron- Ah crap…

Feige also spoke to IGN where he revealed that while Thanos won’t be the big bad in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, we will be seeing him much sooner than that in Guardians of the Galaxy.

In other words, Thanos will probably not be played by Vin Diesel, as that movie has already been shooting for a couple weeks. Nuts. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

Comic-Con was also not just about folks in tights, though. It was also about werewolves. Specifically werewolves who start having sex as humans and then transform into wolves mid-way through. That’s just one of the 15 Things FilmSchoolRejects Learned About David Hayter’s Wolves this weekend.

This movie sounds like it’s going to be like a porno for furries.

And now for something completely different, at The Walking Dead panel a new trailer was released for season 4 of AMC’s hit zombie adaptation, and its, in a word, amazeballs.

Jon M. Chu took some time out of his busy schedule of counting all his G.I. Joe: Retaliation money to discuss plans for the inevitable G.I. Joe 3, specifically the possibility of bringing back characters who had contracted a bout of death in the earlier films, and also expanding the universe in subsequent installments.

“There’s definitely a possibility that we’ll get Scarlet back. I think there’s a lot of characters that we can get back. The G.I. Joe world is a large world and we’re with one section of it. In mind it was never “Oh we’re getting rid of everyone and that’s that!” This is another part of the universe and I’m sure we’ll get her back. She has some of the most interesting storylines, especially with Snake Eyes.”

“The reason I love G.I. Joe is because it goes everywhere and it stretches and it pulls. There’s never been a mythology like that hefore where it mixes military, ninjas, androids, and crazy political things between the Cobra. I just love that. All the doors are open for us. We started with the foundation of G.I. Joe Retaliation to clear the slate, to get to where this world lives and we have ninjas flying next to military guys. Now we can take the next step, now we can go on an adventure somewhere else and we can just keep building until you are literally like “What the hell is going on here?”

We’ve mentioned all the major highlights from Marvel’s Comic-Con panel, but we know that we have some CDO (because OCD is not alphabetical) readers who may want to witness every single minute of it. For you, we present all 40-odd minutes of the entire panel starting with Loki’s grand entrance to ending with Joss Whedon’s Avengers 2 announcement (minus any footage of clips/trailers though, as that is not allowed).

I don’t why, but I never expected Nicolas Cage to be in Kick-Ass 2. Maybe it was the whole “burnt to death” thing. Apparently though, some people were expecting him to return for the sequel, and those people unfortunately are about to disappointed. Even more unfortunately, I’m about to join them in their disappointment.

“I’m not in KICK-ASS 2 and I don’t think I’m in EXPENDABLES 3; I like those guys but I’d say it’d be highly unlikely that I’m in that movie.”

No, Nic! Not Expendables 3, say it ain’t so!

And now, if I could have a moment of silence please – and by “silence” I actually mean Boyz-II-Men’s 1991 hit song “It’s so hard to say goodbye” – as the folks at the Game of Thrones panel bid farewell to the all the characters that have fallen along the way.

Last Updated: July 22, 2013


  1. “Marks is also the screenwriter of Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li. You may now begin to cry.” And I promptly did.

    Nic Cage not being in Expendables 3 is not a bad thing really. I still hate him for Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance and want him nowhere near my favourite franchise.

    As for GI Joe. John M Chu seems to be getting what GI Joe is all about. Now, if only he could go out and make a GI Joe movie I would be happy.


  2. Skyblue

    July 23, 2013 at 11:21

    “What the hell is going on here?” in GI Joe? Meh, was already doing that in Retalliation


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