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Extras! Nicholas Hoult heads for Dark Places, Liam Hemsworth eyes the raven evermore, Dirty Harry may sing with the Jersey Boys, and Blake Lively refuses to gossip about a movie! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off today with a bit of veiny man meat… Wait, wait…. let me start that over. We kick off today with this new poster from Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain which features manly men, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie, looking all cool and showing off some muscle, which happens – in the case of Johnson – to be covered in veins.

And yes, I realize that I just wrote about a vein covered Johnson, but I wasn’t about to rewrite that sentence again!

As movie patrons, we often have to put with a lot of bad stuff: stale popcorn, badly setup projectors, syringes stuck in seats that could give you Hepatitis B (hey, I grew up in a rough neighbourhood!). And most of the time, we don’t make a fuss about these shortcomings. But one New Zealand man, going by the name of J Congdon, is not like most of us. No, he’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore! The source of his ire though, is not what you’d expect.

Mr Congdon filed a complaint through NZ’s Advertising Standards Authority about the fact that recent Tom Cruise action flick Jack Reacher was missing an explosion that was shown in the trailer, but not the full film. And somehow Paramount, the studio who released the film, listened. Though they have explained that trailers are generally cut months before a film is completed and thus “despite our best intentions, it is always possible that certain scenes appearing in an advertisement or trailer may not appear in the final version of a film,” they’ve still agreed to refund Mr Congdon the full price of his ticket.

Liam Hemsworth – you know, the Norse God of Thunder’s little brother – hasn’t quite had his breakout hit yet. Yeah, he (spoiler alert!) died real well in The Expendables 2, giving Sylvester Stallone another unnecessary reason to hit JCVD’s face, but outside of teenage girls finding him real dreamy, he’s not quite a household name yet. That should probably all change with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, when his character Gale will now get way more screen time, and swooning ladies, than in the previous installment. And with that exposure, you can expect the leading man roles to start popping up. Oh look, there’s one now!

Hemsworth is apparently looking to star in The Raven, which is not remake of the Poe-faced (see what I did there?) John Cusack thriller from last year, but a feature film adaptation of Ricardo de Montreuil’s sci-fi short film of the same name (which you can see below) which will be produced by Mark Wahlberg for Universal Pictures.

You may not readily know who Chris Corbould is, but you really should. The special effects and stunts guru has worked on 13 Bond films and has been behind some of the best stunts in Chris Nolan’s Batman Trilogy as well as in Inception, for which he won an Oscar. He’s also the man that helped Sam Mendes put together some of those high octane action sequences in Bond’s latest outing, Skyfall, and in this article over at the Herald Sun he gives the behind the scenes lowdown on some of that film’s most dangerous and challenging stunts.

Despite the fact that Jack the Giant Slayer looks like it’s going to slay Warner Bros’ coffers more than it will giants, star Nicholas Hoult is still quite a popular fellow. He originally made a splash as a youngster opposite Hugh Grant in About a Boy, but then went quite quiet for a number of years. Probably while he sorted out pimples and whether or not he likes girls. However since playing the role of Hank McCoy aka Beast in X-Men: First Class, he’s been on roll when it comes to, well, roles, landing gigs in the aforementioned Jack, Warm Bodies and the upcoming Mad Max: Fury RoadAnd now it looks like that momentum will be taking him straight into some Dark Places.

Hoult will join the already cast Charlize Theron and Chloe Moretz, in an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s mystery novel, which sees “a woman forced to re-face the massacre of her family over two decades before.” Hoult will play Lyle, the awkward treasurer of the Kill Club, a group investigating the murder of Libby Day’s (Theron) family.

Hang your head in shame, Hollywood. You just got beat by a porno. After failed attempt upon disastrous costume upon not listening to Joss Whedon, I just don’t think Hollywood has any clue as to how to do a proper Wonder Woman movie. But apparently porn director Axel Braun does, at least when it comes to the onscreen look of the character. Braun emailed AICN this pic from his production, Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, showing pornstar Kimberley Kane in what is easily the best live action visual representation of the character I’ve seen in ages.

Braun also then took a shot at David E. Kelly’s infamous, recently aborted Wonder Woman TV series by adding the following:

“David E Kelley can Kiss My Ass ;)”

And now all of you are doing a Google image search for Kimberley Kane, aren’t ya?

While most of us just get incontinent, it looks like Clint Eastwood is getting all musical in his old age. The veteran actor turned director is still set for his remake of A Star Is Born – he just needs to sort out little problem losing, regaining then re-losing Beyonce Knowles as his lead – but he may be looking to another musical number in the meantime. THR is reporting that Eastwood is eyeing an adaptation of Broadway smash hit Jersey Boys, which tells the story of Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famers Franki Valli and the Four Seasons, America’s biggest rock band until the Beatles skipped across the pond to dethrone them.

Here’s a new poster for Fast & Furious 6, and hey look, the gang’s all here! Now if only somebody would please explain to Dwayne Johnson that riot gear is not “casualwear” that would be great. Seriously,one of you guys talk to him, because I sure as hell ain’t disagreeing with his biceps.

While most TV actors/actresses would jump at the chance to make some big Hollywood money after their show had ended, Blake Lively is apparently not most actresses. Lively, who sprung to fame while playing the lead in US TV show Gossip Girl, has apparently “infuriated” her old cast mates by not signing off on a Gossip Girl movie. The show came to an end last year, with talk about a big screen adaptation flying around ever since then and with most of the cast pretty eager for it, but Lively apparently thinks “it’s a terrible idea and is desperate to avoid the project.”

I guess paying the bills is not all that important when your husband is Ryan Reynolds, hey?

To end off today, have a look at this rather superb 1-minute long film noir remake of Blade Runner that won creator Philip Askins top honours in The Guardian’s Done in 60 Seconds short film competition.

Last Updated: April 5, 2013

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  1. So…can we be expecting a review when Wonder Woman hits the small screen when no one is around and the curtains are shut and the doors are kept closed to keep the pets out?

    Found this little gem of info on the actress in Wikipedia: “She is also an avid role playing gamer, participating in a weekly Dungeons & Dragons game with other adult performers and sex workers”

    Yup..pornstar D&D. I bet that if they do cosplay it is awesome.


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