Home Entertainment Extras! Russell Crowe divines some water, Michael Rooker is feeling blue, Scott Cooper takes The Stand, Divergent explained, Luther is done (on TV), and May the Force be with ya, mate! Plus much more!

Extras! Russell Crowe divines some water, Michael Rooker is feeling blue, Scott Cooper takes The Stand, Divergent explained, Luther is done (on TV), and May the Force be with ya, mate! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Contrary to current internet ruckus, Ben Affleck actually will be doing other things besides playing a billionaire playboy with a dark side over the next couple of years. Take for example Runner Runner, where Affleck plays a billionaire playboy with a dark side. Okay then. Awkward. Rather just watch this clip from the film where he teams up with once boy wonder Justin Timberlake oh for crying out loud!

Now that Ben Affleck has signed a multi-picture deal with WB, some of his projects are unfortunately going to have to fall off the table while he’s off to dress up in a giant flying rodent suit for the next couple of years. Luckily, folks like Scott Cooper are there to catch those falling pieces. The Crazy Heart director will be taking over for Affleck on The Stand, an adaptation of Stephen King’s cult classic epic post-apocalyptic story. Cooper will direct as well as rewrite the script for the film.

Super Mario Bros is often considered the worst video game adaptation of all time. With very, very valid reason. And now writers Steven Applebaum and Ryan Hoss have written a sequel comic to it. No, I have no f@#$ing clue why, either.

Empire have done a write-up on Fall Movies We Can’t Wait To See, and in it you’ll find several new pics for the films they’re featuring. I’ve chosen to highlight this new image from Machete Kills, for no particular reason at all, whatsoever, nosiree, totally random decision.


And before all the blood drains out of your brain, just note that that lady barely wearing a bikini on the right on the right is Alexa Vega, the little girl from Spy Kids.

Now that Idris Elba is a big name Hollywood star, cancelling apocalypses and apartheids every other week, it doesn’t leave much time in his schedule for reprising his acclaimed TV series Luther. Creator Neil Cross is okay with this as he feels that the show has run its course and told its story and doesn’t see it returning for more. Well, on TV, that is.

“There is [no future for the show]. The show’s finished. Idris, as he should be, he’s gone on to be a big movie star.”

“I think there will be a Luther movie – that’s the plan.”

So people are upset about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. Just like they were upset when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker and when Michael Keaton had been cast as the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton’s Batman. While I think that all of this premature pitchfork and torch action is completely ridiculous, I will admit that is produced some social media gems. And because we know that when given the option, you guys will always have somebody else do the hard work for you, here’s i09’s list of the 50 Greatest Tweets about Ben Affleck’s Casting.

No, you haven’t just finally found the pics of that Smurfs porn parody (Rule 34: No exceptions) that you’ve been looking for, it’s actually Michael Rooker looking all blue-dah-bidee-dah-bideye*. The folks over at SuperherHype have managed to score a slew of new set pics for Guardians of the Galaxy, showing off some kind of alien battle/crashed spaceship as well our first look at Rooker in costume and make-up as the alien hunter Yondu.


Sorry people of Tokyo, your Man of Steel is going to be missing one surly Aussie in the form of Russell Crowe. “Jor-El” revealed on Twitter that he’s had to pull of out prior marketing commitments due to the fact that he’s currently working his butt off on getting his directorial debut, The Water Diviner, off the ground. The turn of the 20th century set tale will follow an Australian man who travels to Turkey to find out what happened to his two sons who went missing during the Battle of Gallipoli. Crowe may just play the part of the Aussie man (talk about typecasting!), that is if he can get an audition with the director/himself.

“I’m sorry I’m not in Tokyo for the #manofsteel premiere. I love Japan. Started on #TheWaterDiviner and need every minute of preparation.”

“I go to an office. I sit there all day having meetings, gathering information and making decisions… I feel like I have become my accountant.”

“Yes directing myself, unless I don’t cast me or I am unavailable due to a prior commitment… the directing one.”

“On advice from followers decided to make myself audition, guess what? I refused based on directors familiarity with my past work.”

Sometimes your movie poster needs fancy graphics, explosions, maybe even a half naked girl or two. Other times, like is the case with The Monuments Men, all you need are the heads and shoulders of your A-list cast.


My Name is Earl star Jaime Pressly has joined the cast of Marlon Wayan’s A Haunted House 2. Oh, you didn’t know they were making a sequel? Well, that’s what happens when your movie makes $40 million at the box office but only cost $2.5 million, and the soul of everybody that went to go see it, to make. (BTW, that’s about a 15000% profit margin, in case you were interested).

The trailer to Shailene “I’m too frumpy for Spider-Man” Woodley’s new YA adaptation Divergent should be out by the time this story gets published (expect our coverage early tomorrow morning. But what is Divergent? If you thought that it’s just the description used by Afrikaans people when talking about Darryn and his lack sexual experience, then you may need to go check out Movies.com’s primer about the YA series and why some people are saying it will be the next Hunger Games.

As a South African, I am genetically programmed to not say nice things about Australia, so this is very difficult for me, but some local Aussie boys have gone and made what looks like a pretty entertaining Star Wars parody in the form of Star Wars Downunder, the trailer and description for which you can find below.

“Star Wars Downunder is a 30 minute Star Wars fan film which finally answers the age old question, that has confounded many a film buff before: What would happen if you crossed Star Wars with an Australian beer commercial. Answer? Star Wars Downunder: an epic tale of the good, the bad and the thirsty. Directed by Michael Cox and written by Bryan Meakin and Michael Cox, Star Wars Downunder, is half an hour of action, special effects and lovable Aussie larakins.”

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