Home Entertainment Extras! Seth Rogen and Evan goldberg sell out, Black Mass is too cheap for Johnny Depp, Wolverine wants to fight Iron Man, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime get a face lift, and A titanic revelation about The Great Gatsby! Plus much more!

Extras! Seth Rogen and Evan goldberg sell out, Black Mass is too cheap for Johnny Depp, Wolverine wants to fight Iron Man, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime get a face lift, and A titanic revelation about The Great Gatsby! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

When I was a kid, my friends and I were obsessed with the old anime Voltron. We wanted to “play Voltron” so we took planks and crates and hammered them onto different branches in my neighbour’s guava tree so as to make 5 different “stations” where each of us could sit and control our part of the giant mech, complete with shaking tree effect every time we got hit. Clearly, according to this new Pacific Rim featurette on how director Guillermo Del Toro and his crew brought the giant Jaegers to life, we have moved on from sitting on rusty nail embedded planks and shaking guava trees.

Now that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have already taken on ol’ Lucifer himself in This is The End, it looks like writer-director duo want to sell out. Oops, I mean they want Sell Out, an adaptation of SNL alum Simon Rich’s hilarious novel that Sony just procured for the pair to produce and script. No word yet, on if they’ll be gracing the director’s chair as well.

The book – which was originally published in four parts in The New Yorker – follows a fictitious version of Rich who discovers his great-great-grandfather Herschel, who was a worker at a pickle factory, had been accidentally preserved in Brine for nearly 100 years in a factory mishap, and is now unleashed on a completely changed world to the one he came from.

Just because you walk around wearing your underwear on the outside, doesn’t make you Superman. However, thanks to this new Man of Steel online game, you can at least pretend without having to worry about men in white coats coming to drag you away.

I woulc challenge you guys to beat my high score, but thanks to my internet being slower than a snail on crutches today, I never got pass the loading screen.

Some new pics of the Autobots, sorry I mean cars that are going to be Autobots in Transformers 4 have been released. And now it’s the turn of heroic duo Optimus Prime – who gets a “completely upgraded, custom-built” truck from Western Star (a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America) –  and Bumblebee, who’s ditched the modern look in favour of “a highly modified, vintage 1967 Camaro SS.”

Both have also been upgraded with extra ugly, it seems.

FilmSchoolRejects have drawn up a list of The Ten Scariest Balls In Film. If you’re hoping to find “Bruce Willis’ testicles” on that list, you’ll be disappointed to know they don’t mean those kinds of balls.

Johnny Depp is worth approximately $350 million, and his own island in the Bahamas. But just because you’re up to your eyeballs in cash, doesn’t mean you don’t want more though. The actor has apparently pulled out of Whitey Bulger gangster biopic, Black Mass, due to the Barry Levinson directed production not being able to meet his $20 million per movie price tag. The film had a budget of $60 million, one third of which would have been Depp’s salary, so they asked him to slash it in half, to which he gave them the proverbial finger and walked. Johnny Depp does not do handouts.

Caution: you’re about to have your minds blown. You can send all subsequent medical and cleaning bills (getting medulla oblongata out of a shaggy rug is a nightmare) to local lad Werner Morris, as he’s the one who found this.

Titanic Gatsby

There’s a running joke in the comic book community that Wolverine’s unmentioned mutant power is super-multi-tasking, as there was a time when he was on 4 different superhero teams at the same time as he was having his own private adventures. And clearly, real life Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, feels that he should follow suit. The clawed canuck will soon have his second standalone movie, The Wolverine, coming out, and he’ll be seen in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, but if it were up to him, he’d add “Avengers” to that list as well.

“One of the great things about [The Wolverine] is that a lot of people from Marvel are here and it seems a lot more inclusive than it has been in the past. I don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, but I think it’s fantastic. I actually just asked the other day, I said, ‘I don’t know what the legal situation is, but why don’t these companies come together? Why isn’t it possible?’ Because personally, I would love to mix it up with Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man and kick his ass. It’d be great… Consistency is incredible. Who wouldn’t want to be involved with that?”

Now if only Fox and Marvel Studios can get to some form of agreement.

“Hey, waiter! It seems like somebody got some Doctor Who villains in my Thor soup!” Marvel have released a bunch of new stills from the upcoming thunderous thequel, I mean sequel, that gives us a good look at Thor and co, ex-Doctor Who Chris Eccleston as the Dark Elf Malekith, who seems to have brought along the creature designs from his old show.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman was asked to confirm whether the half-shell heroes would indeed no longer be aliens in the upcoming movie reboot. To which he responded with an emphatic “No”, befor going on to heap praises on producer Michael Bay.

“He’s been nothing but amazingly respectful, and Jonathan Liebesman’s been the director.”

“I’ve seen the script. I’ve seen the design of the characters. It’s fantastic. The story has all the right turtleisms. They’re in the sewers. I’m very excited to see the movie.”

Apparently, people in attendance had a hard time making out what Eastman said. It seems his voice kept being drowned out by the sound of him counting his royalty cheques.

Around here, we love ourselves some Game of Thrones, and no, it’s not just because that redhead prostitute Ros used to find a way to show off her lady bits in every episode she was in. We love the mythology and history of the world, but since that’s a fictitious place dreamed up by George R. R. Martin, we can never go there in real life. We can though, go to the world of the Game of Desks.

Last Updated: May 31, 2013

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