Home Entertainment Extras! Snow White gets trolled, Vin Diesel has a big bone, Behind the scenes on the Avengers VFX, Dustin Hoffman is a hero, origins of second Avengers post credits scene and Edgar Wright teases Ant-Man?! Plus much more!

Extras! Snow White gets trolled, Vin Diesel has a big bone, Behind the scenes on the Avengers VFX, Dustin Hoffman is a hero, origins of second Avengers post credits scene and Edgar Wright teases Ant-Man?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

I’m going to start off today’s Extras with a big white space. If you were to highlight said white space with your mouse though, you will find a some very SPOILERY snippets of info (courtesy of iFanboy) taken from EW’s exclusive interview with Joss Whedon, where he revealed the entire story behind the 2nd post credits scene in The Avengers:


“The whole scene happened because Robert Downey Jr. didn’t like a line of dialogue and it ended up getting changed to Tony babbling about wanting to try the local schwarma joint.Robert Downey Jr. did indeed blow the secret of shooting the new scene at the world premiere.The reason why Cap is slumped over and holding his face is because Chris Evans had grown a beard for another role and they had to hide it.

They did multiple takes and, because the scene went on so long, Chris Hemsworth ate an entire schwarma each time and felt sick afterward.”

I would advise you to give the full article a read though, just for the hilarious banter between the actors.

There’s a new Red Band trailer for Sacha Baron-Cohen’s The Dictator, which is pretty much the same hilarious trailer released previously,  just with swear words and inappropriate toddler body hair grooming this time around.


Movies.com looks at Five 6o’s Sci-Fi TV Shows That Should Be Movies. I’d be all over a Gigantor movie, like a 12 year old Asian girl on Dance Dance Revolution.

Following on from the completely unexpected news that even more sequels were in the works, Vin Diesel has given us this new image from Riddick (via his Facebook page), which shows the intergalactic badass, topless and brandishing a massive erect bone weapon.


I feel an apology is need for that previous sentence. Sorry.

Veteran actressess Imelda Staunton and Miranda Richardson join Malificient, the Angelina Jolie driven live-action Sleeping Beauty tale.

There’s a new clip from Snow White and the Huntsman which shows the eponymous Kristin Stewart and Chris Hemsworth facing off against a giant troll, armed with angsty scream and long-handled axe respectively.

If you look carefully at about the 0:32 mark of this clip, you can even see chronically deadpan Stewart showing off some new emoti- Oh wait, no. I was wrong. It was just the glare of the sun on my screen. Nothing to see here.

FilmSchoolRejects asks What Should Be Next For Joss Whedon? Because after you make most of the world’s cinema-going population pee their pants in sheer joy, it’s kind of hard to find a worthy follow-up gig.

Here’s the new trailer for Piranhaconda. And if that title wasn’t enough to clue you in to exactly what grade of movie this is, then know that’s it’s from the same guys who made The Hills Have Thighs.

Oh, Michael Madsen, how far you have fallen.

Zoe Gulliksen let’s us know What She’s Learned From the Dark Knight Rises Trailer. Here’s a hint: It’s kind of funny. At one point she refers to Bane as “Gotham’s rectum”. That’s comedy gold right there.

Kendall Gregory is an American 7th grader who wrote a letter to the Greenwich Times detailing The Lessons He Learned from The Hunger Games, including that kids his age “don’t have to just stand around and watch bad things happen.”


Edgar “Shawn of the Dead” Wright’s Ant-Man is a film that’s been hinted at being in development ever since Marvel first unveiled their shared-universe plans with Iron Man. Kevin Feige recently revealed that it’s the closest it’s ever been to being realized. And now Wright himself sent the geek community in a tailspin by tweeting the following image and message:

“Received this in the mail. What can it mean?”

Oh don’t you play coy with me, Wright. You know exactly what it means, you devilish tease!

Modern Family’s voluptuous Sofia Vergara is joining Amber Heard in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills.  Jhes!

You can now add life-saving hero to Dustin Hoffman’s long list of accomplishments. The award winning actor spotted a London jogger collapse after suffering a cardiac arrest and called the Emergencey Services, tending to the stricken man until paramedics arrived. What, Rain Man doesn’t know CPR?

ComingSoon.net has a great look Behind The Scenes of the Special Effects of the Avengers. The way they created the Hulk, by even scanning Mark Ruffalo’s skin, is pretty interesting.

And we end today with another case of “Oh you nuttier than squirrel poop but super talented Internet, you!” Youtube user nmckaig recreated the entirety of John Williams’ iconic Star Wars theme using nothing but his own voice. Comprised of 90 individual sound tracks and over 300 hours of production time, it’s an amazing achievement:

And that’s it for today’s Extras. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been craving a schwarma for the whole day already. Stupid Robert Downey Jr.

Last Updated: May 8, 2012

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