Home Entertainment Extras! Star Trek into TV, Some stepbrothers hang out on Devil's Night, Sherlock & Han Solo lose their ability to speak, Amazing Spider-Man could get some subtitles, X-Men get some more frames, and Lee Pace is f***ing psycho! Plus much more!

Extras! Star Trek into TV, Some stepbrothers hang out on Devil's Night, Sherlock & Han Solo lose their ability to speak, Amazing Spider-Man could get some subtitles, X-Men get some more frames, and Lee Pace is f***ing psycho! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

New York Comic Con went down this weekend past, and if you were lucky enough to be in attendance, then you would have got treated to a pretty lengthy and badass sounding scene from Spike Lee’s English language remake of Park Chan-Wook’s Oldboy showing Josh Brolin introducing a few people’s craniums to the business end of a hammer. We must have kicked a leprechaun or something (I always suspected Darryn may be more than just a normally short person), because we were not so lucky. Instead all we have is this short clip which sees Josh Brolin talking to Elizabeth Olsen.

If you want to see a full breakdown of the scene mentioned above, then head on over to ComingSoon, where you can also find Mark Protosevich, producer of Oldboy, defending the movie against people who think that Spike Lee remaking such an iconic film is akin to kicking puppies in the balls. Here’s Protosevich responding to some “concerns” that the film will be toned down for US audiences (this despite the level of violence on display in the abovementioned scene).

“A friend shared with me a comment from the Internet where the reaction was, ‘Typical Hollywood bullsh*t! They’re exploiting an existing piece of art just to make money!’ And I do take issue with that because I dare you to show me somebody who would watch that original film and afterwards go, ‘We’re gonna clean up on this!'”

“We’re just as psychologically screwed up, believe me. We all came from a place of honor and respect to the original. I love the original, and I think it’s one of the greatest moviegoing experiences I ever had, and all of us involved were very much inclined to treat the material with as much honor and respect as we can.”

“There are certain things that we felt were iconic to the original and we were absolutely going to use them. There were other things that I think we perhaps felt were culturally alien to what will be a western audience. There are also I think moments in the original film that are sort of these really unusual, unique visual moments that I think really, in a lot of ways, belong to that movie and to try to recreate them, that didn’t feel right.”

Nobody likes to look like ignorant, but with Hollywood being the melting pot of different races, cultures and tripped out hippies who just want to be weird that it is, there are a slew of strange, tongue twisting names floating around, and it’s only a matter of time before you butcher the pronunciation of one, much to your public embarrassment. But not to fear! For Empire Online is here, with their Comprehensive Hollywood Pronunciation Guide!

Now you no longer have to do tongue gymnastics when talking about Ioan Gruffudd in public again. And yes, you’ve probably been incorrectly pronouncing his name along with a bunch of others that you thought looked easy.

One of those names that you’ve more thank likely been saying wrong all this time? Mia Wasikowska (that’s pronounced Mee-ya Vah-see-kov-ska), and she can be seen on these double posters for the The Double that will have you seeing double. The Richard Ayoade directed thriller sees Jesse Eisenberg as a social misfit who comes to work one day to find somebody who is his exact physical copy doing his job far better than he ever could, as well as taking over his life by just being an all around better person.



So apparently, numbers are soooooo last season, as it looks like Sony may be following Marvel’s lead by using subtitles instead of numbers for it’s comic book sequels. CBM are reporting that apparently some filmgoers in the States were polled by Sony on their feelings toward new subtitles for the planned three sequels for The Amazing Spider-Man. The person who claims to have been polled can’t recall the first name suggested, but says that Sony asked how he felt about The Amazing Spider-Man: The Price of Power and The Amazing Spider-Man: With Great Power.

Personally, I really don’t have a problem with just The Amazing Spider-Man, but maybe I’m just old-school like that.

Irrespective of how you felt about John Carter as film, there’s no denying the amazing work that Michael Giacchino with the score. Mainly, because I would probably hit you with a stout stick about the head if you did. And if you fancy yourself a music person and want to be amazing as Giacchino is, then you should probably read his 6 Lessons on How To Compose a Killer Film Score.

I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel about 48fps HFR 3D. No, really, I can’t, seeing as how there were no cinemas in Cape Town offering The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey when it released in the new high-frame-rate format last year. Noelle had a look at it, and her opinion was a bit mixed. Maybe she’ll be able to cement her opinion of it when X-Men: Days of Future Past releases, as according to a source at AICN, the much anticipated mutant sequel is apparently getting the 48fps treatment as well.

“X:DoFP was shot in HFR and will be released in 48fps. The filmmakers played coy because of the negative reaction to the technology when the Hobbit film was released, but love the results and will be standing behind a theatrical release in high frame rate.”

Allow me to introduce you to the greatest thing you’ll see on the internet today: Tom Hiddleston doing an impersonation of Owen Wilson playing Loki.

Ever since JJ Abrams successfully rebooted Star Trek back in 2009, fans have been asking about a new TV series set in the rebooted timeline. Abrams has adamantly shot down any stories about this, but what he doesn’t quite realize ,and what Beyonce would be more than happy to tell him, is that he doesn’t run this world. Paramount are the ones in charge, and it looks like they may just be open to bring the sci-fi universe back to its TV roots. Sky News’ Joe Michalczuk managed to talk to screenwriter Roberto Orci about it, and he had some interesting news.

Who “they” are, is not quite certain at this moment, but honestly, I just don’t care. The world has been without serialized Star Trek for far too long.

Speaking of Star Trek, while I think that there were pretty nifty moments in the latest film, Star Trek Into Darkness, there was lots of room for improvement. And none of them would have made a bigger impact than instead of wearing his stylish polo-necks and leather jackets, Benedict Cumberbatch actually wore this Khan T-shirt.


Lee Pace always looks like such a nice, fully eyebrowed guy, but apparently that’s all going to change for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in which he plays Kree warrior, Ronan the Accuser. In the comics, Ronan has flip-flopped back and forth between being good and bad, but according to Pace he’s definitely the latter in the movie.

“He’s a f***ing psycho! He’s a real monster. I’ve had the best time playing this character. I’m glad its all on film and I never thought I could be so nuts in it!”

Looks like you just can’t keep some good step brothers down. Will Ferrell and John C Reilly, who starred together in the hilarious comedy Step Brothers, will be teaming up once again for Devil’s Night, only this time they’ll be battling for more than just their parents’ nuptials and boats ‘n hoes. The pair of funnymen will play childhood best friends Leonard and Gabe, who had a huge falling out on Devil’s Night, the night before Halloween “when the real mischief and debauchery goes down”, but “15 years later, with Devil’s Night growing out of control, they must put their differences aside and reunite to save their neighborhood from utter destruction.”

So we’ve all seen the rumours about Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch’s involvement in Star Wars: Episode VII, but right now everything is just hearsay and conjecture. So why don’t we just ask the men directly, like British talk show host Graham Norton did? Well, for one thing, two of the best actors of their generation will suddenly not know how to use proper words, to much hilarity.

Last Updated: October 14, 2013


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    Watched the entire Graham Norton show – well worth it. The guys have fun all the way 🙂


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