Extras! Stephen King doesn't take a shine to Shining prequel, The mystery of Tomorrowland may have been cracked, Alec Wilson and Patrick Wilson have been caught stealing, Tom Hardy is a lock for Locke, And housewives and people without movie taste rejoice: Brett Ratner is making a Farmville TV series! Plus much more!

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Despite the fact that the Laws of Making More Money dictated that it should happen, I’m sure that a few of you were taken by complete surprise by the news that Lucasfilm will be doing spinoff stand-alone movies. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even Ewan McGregor didn’t see that coming.

Where are your Force visions now, Obi Wan?!

Remember that rumour we posted yesterday, about how John Noble may be in the running for role of the lead villain in Star Wars: Episode VII? Yeah, it’s complete bupkiss. What a shocker! I mean if you can’t use Australian radio DJ’s who have no link to the movie business whatsoever and who, as it turns out, never even said anything, as a valid source, then just what is the world coming to?

There are very few things in life that cause me to consider suicide by head bashing into keyboard quite like Facebook game Farmville. Hack director Brett Ratner is one of those things. And now, like some kind of perfect storm of irritation, it’s been announced that Ratner is going to turn Farmville into an animated TV series. Looks like those Mayans’ just forgot to carry the one in their calculations.

I’m confused. I thought 42 was a biopic about baseball legend Jackie Robinson, not free rock climbing…. *turns head sideways to look at new poster again*…. Aaaahhhh.

Jim Hill over at JimHillMedia thinks that he’s cracked the mystery of Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof’s Tomorrowland (previously titled 1952), and it’s a pretty great idea. Essentially, in the 1950’s Walt Disney had quite a relationship with the US military and one project they supposedly had him working on, was a TV series that the US military would eventually use to break the news to the world that not only are UFO’s real, but that the US government has had contact with them.

It’s an incredibly enticing idea for a film, and I have to admit that the pieces of the puzzle do line up. You can head on over to the AICN, where they have some videos that explain it even further.

Seemingly always busy Tom Hardy, fresh from not speaking intelligibly and making some moonshine, has joined the cast of Locke, writer turned director Stephen Knight’s (Eastern Promises, Dirty Pretty Things Amazing Grace) sophomore directorial effort. There’s not much known about the film except that it will play out in real time, as it tells “the story of one man’s life unraveling in a tension-fuelled, 90-minute race against time.”

Let’s hope Hardy and Knight do a better job than the last “set in real time” movie, 88 Minutes, which was a complete squib. Then again, that may have something to do with Al Pacino messenger pigeoning in his performance.

Bollywood actress Biphasa Bashu has announced on Twitter that she will be joining India’s very first 3D creature feature, unimaginatively titled Creature 3D. She also included a pic of the first poster for the film.

@Bipsluvurself: “Excited to be a part of ‘Creature’ directed by VikramBhatt,India’s First 3D Creature Film!”

@Bipsluvurself: “Its on the lines of Anaconda n Jurassic Park… A thrilling adventure n full on entertainment!”

Two things: Firstly, I had know idea that combining a dinosaur with a really big snake, gave you an almost human looking face. And secondly, I can’t wait for the part of the movie where the monster begins shyly running away from it’s lover into a forest, singing in a suspiciously high pitched voice, as background monster dancers appear out of nowhere.

The fact that the Elizabeth Banks comedy Walk of Shame shut down portions of the Los Angeles highway system for filming last weekend, would normally not warrant my attention. Unless of course said story is covered so hilariously by the movie buff jokers over at Film School Rejects.

It was announced a while back that Warner Bros had plans to make a prequel film to Stephen King’s novel “The Shining”. The novel has of course already been famously adapted by Stanley Kubrick, but Warner was looking to use the novel’s prologue, titled “Before the Play”, which was subsequently dropped from the original tale. The story of the creepy goings on at Overbrook Hotel before the Torrance family has their ill fated vacation there, sounds like it could make for a decent movie. But King doesn’t think so:

“There’s a real question about whether or not they have the rights to ‘Before the Play,’ which was the prologue cut from the book — because the epilogue to the book was called ‘After the Play.’ So they were bookends, and there was really scary stuff in that prologue that wouldn’t make a bad movie. Am I eager to see that happen? No I am not. And there’s some real question about what rights Warner Bros. does still have. The Shining is such an old book now that the copyright comes back to me. Arguably, the film rights lapse — so we’ll see. We’re looking into that. I’m not saying I would put a stop to the project, because I’m sort of a nice guy. When I was a kid, my mother said, ‘Stephen if you were a girl, you’d always be pregnant.’ I have a tendency to let people develop things. I’m always curious to see what will happen. But you know what? I would be just as happy if it didn’t happen.”

Anybody else picturing Stephen King as a pregnant teenage girl right now? Just me? Okay then.

To me, kids come in two flavours: Cute or creepy. But thanks to this pretty cool infographic I’ve discovered that there are a lot more variants. Thanks, Infographic, that certainly helps to allay fears that my future children will only either be able to always make me smile or steal my eternal soul through my mouth.

If you live in the Northern Cape then prepare to see a few familiar faces as of this week. Elle Fanning (Super 8), Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class, Warm Bodies, Jack the Giant Slayer), Kodi Smit-McPhee (ParaNorman) and Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, Man of Steel) have all joined the cast of writer/director Jake Paltrow’s Young Ones, which has begun shooting in the arid desert regions of the Northern Cape this week.

The film is a sci-fi thriller “set in a violent near-future where water has become the most precious — and fastest-dwindling — resource on the planet.”

Alec Baldwin and Patrick Wilson have signed for Academy Award Winner Stefan Ruzowitzky’s (Deadfall, The Counterfeiters) new noir mystery thriller, Caught Stealing. Baldwin is of course perfectly suited to the role, as ever since his much slimmer heart throb days in the 90’s, he’s been repeatedly caught stealing all his co-stars’ pastries.

Caught Stealing was adapted by David Hayter (X-Men, The Watchmen and also the voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid videogames) from the first book in Charlie Huston’s Henry Thompson trilogy, and will see Wilson as “Hank Thompson, once a hotshot high school baseball prospect, turned unlucky, going-nowhere bartender who mistakenly gets caught up in a bloody treasure hunt through New York City. It turns out that the cat Hank’s neighbor left in his care is sitting on a secret. Hidden at the bottom of its cage is a key wanted by a sadistic cop (Baldwin), Russian mobsters, a Samoan hit man, and a pair of psychotic brothers.”

And if that Brett Ratner/Farmville story wasn’t enough to fill your daily WTF quota, then have a gander at this ad for Old Milwaukee beer that Will Ferrell did and which was supposed to air during the Superbowl but only played on three local CBS broadcasts of the American football event. The ad is… What I mean to say is that it’s… Well, the ad is definitely something, lets just leave it at that!

Last Updated: February 8, 2013

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