Home Entertainment Extras! Transformers will face extinction, Horrible Bosses 2 finds not so horrible bosses, Michael Rooker reads comics, James Cameron is floored by Gravity, and James Franco wants you to consider this sh*t! Plus much more!

Extras! Transformers will face extinction, Horrible Bosses 2 finds not so horrible bosses, Michael Rooker reads comics, James Cameron is floored by Gravity, and James Franco wants you to consider this sh*t! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

If you’re into that Dane DeHaan from Chronicle reading smutty books to Harry Potter in an old library while some other guys look on, then… well, then you’re kind of kinky. But we don’t judge around here (Darryn is walking proof of that) and in fact we’ll even scratch that weirdly specific itch for you, with this new clip from from true story beat generation drama, Kill Your Darlings.

Michael Rooker spoke to Total Film about his role of mohawked alien hunter Yondu in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, and is it just me, or is he hinting that there’s a whole lot more Guardians goodness to come after this film?

“When I first got the role of Yondu, [director James] Gunn was like, ‘Don’t read any of the comics!’, but it’s beautiful stuff.”

“Whenever you do a film of comicbook characters and stuff, you don’t know how much you can show, you don’t know how much is going to be brought out. Nowadays movies are done and they already have two or three others planned out.”

“So stuff you do in this one, you ask ‘Why aren’t we doing this?’ and they say, ‘Well be patient!’”

Am I the only one that finds this colour palette on this newly released full banner for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire totally off putting? It’s like somebody got drunk on watercolours, threw up on a canvas, and then said “Great! Now let’s photoshop the cast on top of that!”.

Click to enlarge and see for yourself.


One of the reasons I was so convinced that Paul Bettany’s JARVIS would become Ultron in The Avengers: Age of Ultron was because of how organic that transition would have been from Iron Man 3. It felt like Joss Whedon had been laying the groundwork in The Avengers with IM3 then picking up the ball and setting up the next phase, with everything in between rather meticulously planned. Yeah, well apparently we give those folks way too much credit, as IM3 writer Drew Pearce revealed when he spoke about exactly how Whedon was involved in his pic and whether Pearce knows/knew what’s coming.

“We take his arc reactor out, but I think we also make a pretty definite statement that he is [still] Iron Man. And although Joss isn’t part of the process as such, he saw all the cuts of the movie, so I’ve got to assume he knows exactly what he wants to do with Tony in [The Avengers: Age of Ultron] and how we’ve left [Tony Stark] is going to help that, not hinder it.”

“Obviously, Age of Ultron suggests that in Avengers 2 there will definitely be some level of, if not giant evil robots, then definitely a robotic or artificial intelligence entity. I may or may not have been excited about it for a year. Not every aspect of Phase Two is planned already, but Joss has been thinking about it for a year and Kevin has been thinking about what Avengers 2 does since the first film. The scale I think they’re going to reach for is going to be truly epic, which is incredible when you consider how epic Avengers was. But on a character level the story will actually be smaller, or at least more intimate. It’s hard to put a list together of all the things Joss [Whedon] is good at as a writer, but definitely in the top five would be dealing with the shifting dynamics of a large group of characters.”

“The core of Avengers will still be our Avengers. There will, of course, be other characters in the mix, but I think what Joss is really good at is creating a family and then pulling them apart, and to that end he’s got so much more to do with the family he established in Avengers. So I suspect that the first port of call in that movie will be kicking the shit out of those characters to see how they cope as a group.”

Looks like Horrible Bosses 2 has found it’s… well, bosses. Original director Seth Gordon bailed on the project a short while ago due to scheduling conflicts and it seems that New Line is a firm believer in the old adage that two director’s heads are better than one – or something like that – as they’ve tapped Sean Anders and John Morris, the writers of New Line’s other most recent surprise comedy hit, We’re the Millers (expect my review soon), to take up co-directing duties on the sequel.

The duo previously wrote Hot Tub Time Machine and Anders also directed the raunchy comedy Sex Drive 😀 and the Adam Sandler comedy That’s My Boy. 🙁

Dear Hollywood, please check with me before making big announcements in the future, as it plays havoc with my writing. Kthxbai. Case in point: This started out as a story about another rumoured title for Michael Bay’s Transformers 4, that being Transformers: Age of Extinction, and by the time I was done typing it, the rumour had become official. Meaning I had to rewrite everything. Sigh. Well, here’s the film’s newly released teaser poster making it all official. And sandy.


And for today’s bit of WTF? LOL!, Buzzfeed shows us what it would be like if Quentin Tarantino rewrote classic Disney movies to star Samuel L Jackson. Motherf@#$ing hilarious, that’s what it would be like. That Little Mermaid pic seriously cracks me up.

And the little giant robot that could just keeps chugging along. Pacific Rim is now sitting on $404 million worldwide, making it writer/director Guillermo Del Toro’s most profitable film ever. C’mon Legendary, lets get that sequel talk going.

Most films, when they want to get themselves into the Oscars race, will release a stylish new “For your consideration” video showcasing all their artistic merits. Clearly, Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers is not most films. Say hello to the campaign to get James Franco on the list for Best Supporting Actor. And yes, those trophies were photoshopped in there.


I’ve been beating the drum for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity for a short while now, but apparently some of you guys won’t take me at my word anymore (you Rick-Roll somebody once…), so maybe you’ll listen to James “I make more money than everybody else” Cameron.

“I was stunned, absolutely floored.  I think it’s the best space photography ever done, I think it’s the best space film ever done, and it’s the movie I’ve been hungry to see for an awful long time … What is interesting is the human dimension. Alfonso and Sandra working together to create an absolutely seamless portrayal of a woman fighting for her life in zero gravity.”

“She’s the one that had to take on this unbelievable challenge to perform it. (It was) probably no less demanding than a Cirque du Soleil performer, from what I can see … There’s an art to that, to creating moments that seem spontaneous but are very highly rehearsed and choreographed. Not too many people can do it. … I think it’s really important for people in Hollywood to understand what was accomplished here.”

“I read the script, and I thought it was tremendously challenging to shoot with a high degree of veracity to get the real look of zero gravity … I’m sure Alfonso had a real uphill battle with the studio, with everyone involved, to get it the way it needed to look. But he knew in his mind how it needed to look, and he went after it.”

So you may have heard about this whole Miley Cyrus twerking at the MTV VMA’s fiasco. It was just about the only thing that many people were speaking about last week (much to Ben Affleck’s relief I might add), and just about everywhere you went you were greeted by Miley’s gyrating hips and serpentine tongue. It was even on the USS Enterprise, it seems.

Last Updated: September 4, 2013

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