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Extras! TV gets some lifeforce, Christopher McQuarrie has three to kill, Spidey gets an electric new title, and Star Wars could see a Doctor?! Plus much more!

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Pete Holmes’ Ex-Men are back and this time Professor X has some bad news for Jubilee, the cutest but second most useless X-Men ever (Don’t worry, Dazzler, your crown is safe).

We heard a rumour a while back that Sony was thinking of taking a page out of Marvel’s book and renaming their upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequels to make use of subtitles instead of just numbers. And it seems that that’s exactly what’s happening. In Brazil. Cinepop.br (via ComingSoon.net) is reporting that in their South American homeland, the web-slinging sequel is being billed as The Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of Electroreferencing Jamie Foxx’s shocking villain.

ComingSoon has reached out to the studio to find out if this will be the case internationally, or whether it’s just a localization change (movies often have different names in different regions), but thus far they’ve received no feedback.

Lars Von Trier’s sexual magnum opus, Nymphomaniac – that’s the one with the hardcore explicit sex scenes – was originally set for a butt numbing 5 1/2 hours running time (that’s a lot of grunting), but it was recently revealed that the film would get cut down to a 4 hour version, to be released in two parts in theatres in Von Trier’s native Denmark and France. This was done against Von Trier’s will, but he acquiesced as he realized the needs of the market, especially considering the film cost $11 million to make and the distributors need to make their money back.

However, it appears that Von Trier’s 5 1/2 hour hardcore cut will still be released once it’s actually done, according to one of its producers.

“It does exist, a version that’s 5 1/2 hours long, and it contains deeply explicit scenes, but it’s not yet finished and cannot be projected in normal conditions. Moreover, nobody in our camp has seen it. Like many other distributors worldwide, we signed right from the beginning for a 4 hour version and that’s the one we decided to release in two parts, the first on January 1st and the other on January 29th [in France]. After that, it belongs entirely to Lars Von Trier to show his personal version, why not in a large festival or in a DVD or Blu-ray Collector’s Edition?”

Till such time though, we’re just going to have to be satisfied with two more orgasmic posters for the film.



How’s this for a rumour that will break the internet in half if it turns out to be true: According to “a fairly well placed source” of Bleeding Cool, Matt Smith, who will soon be giving up his bowtie as the Doctor on BBC’s insanely popular sci-fi spectacular Doctor Who, has been “called in” for Star Wars: Episode VII. Whether this means he’s auditioning for a role, or he’s just meeting with director/co-writer JJ Abrams, or this is all just fanboy baiting balderdash is uncertain at this point. But if it’s real, you’re going to need your own TARDIS to escape all the fan cheering.

Speaking of possibly trolling Star Wars fans… British actor Jason Flemyng has once again been linked to Episode VII – he previously “confirmed” that his frequent director and friend Matthew Vaughn was in the mix to direct the film before JJ Abrams was officially announced – but this time, his link is a lot more direct. Or fake. The Snatch actor posted the following image on Instagram, showing what he describes to be a copy of the Star Wars: Episode VII script.

“Pint of Stella and ” Star Wars” script! That’s me sorted till 5!”


Now based on the fact that the script is still being written, and what has been written is probably kept under some serious lock and key, I’m inclined to believe that Flemyng is just pulling a Bieber on us.

You know, for a guy that went twelve years between his first and second directing gigs, Christopher McQuarrie sure is making up for lost time real fast. The Jack Reacher director is already officially tapped for Mission: Impossible 5, and has been attached to helm a remake of 1968’s Ice Station Zebra, an live-action adaptation anime Star Blazers and a feature film adaptation of British mini-series Unforgiven (not related to the Clint Eastwood movie). Apparently though, he can manage time like a boss, as he’s taken on one more project in the form of the Colin Firth led noir tale, Three To Kill.

The film is based on the novel by French author Jean-Patrick Manchette, and will see Firth as “a disillusioned businessman [who] witnesses a murder and finds himself being hunted by two relentless sociopaths [who committed the act]”. This won’t be the novel’s first adaptation, as it was previously adapted into the Eisner Award nominated graphic novel,”West Coast Blues”, by Jacques Tardi in 2010.

Looks like Scott “Crazy Heart” Cooper has taken a stand… to not write and direct The Stand. Cooper was tapped by Warner Bros earlier in the year to adapt Stephen King’s famed novel, but he has apparently walked away from the project due to “creative differences”. Cooper had taken over from WB’s first choice, Ben Affleck, after Affleck pulled out to instead do Live By The Night, and now the studio has to look for a replacement once again.

Here’s a “What could have been” moment that I’m kind of happy never did. While Bryan Singer’s original X-Men film took a lot of flak for the bland black leather uniforms, especially in retrospect once X-Men: First Class proved the colourful costumes could be done properly, I’m kind of glad they stuck to their biker outfits if the costumes in this batch of concept art was the alternative.


File this one under “W” for “Why the hell not?”:  Lifeforce, Tobe “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” Hooper’s 1985 space-vampire sci-fi thriller, is a cult classic. And by cult classic, I mean watched secretly by a lot of young adolescent boys to ogle its lead actress, Mathilda May, who is completely nude for the entire movie. That last bit of trivia is possibly the main reason why it’s still remembered today, because frankly, it’s just not that good of a movie.

But it looks like the story is getting another lease on life, as Ringleader Studios has acquired the rights to Colin Wilson’s 1976 novel, “The Space Vampires”, which Lifeforce was adapted from. The studio behind such fine film fare as The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes will be looking to turn this story, which follows “a group of astronauts who discover a derelict spaceship and return to Earth with three humanoid aliens that unleash a life-sucking plague upon humanity”,  into a TV series. There’s no word yet on how naked these space vampires will be.

Did you know that the guy that Jamie Foxx introduces himself to in Django Unchained (“The ‘D’ is silent”) is actually Franco Nero, the actor who first portrayed a character named Django in the classic 1966  spaghetti western? You didn’t? Well, then clearly you haven’t read WhatCulture’s list of 7 Awesome Movie Cameos You Might Have Missed In 2013.

Are you one of those people that love comic book movies, but have never really read any comics? Then this next video is for you.

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Last Updated: November 21, 2013

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