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Extras! What does a Ninja Turtle look like, Jack Bauer is having a bad day in London and more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!


Extras-bullet-points-micro3Do you like Gal Gadot as much as I do? Well good news then, because it looks like the actress will be slinging her lasso of truth for a total of three movies as Wonder Woman. That deal includes her role in Batman vs Superman, the upcoming Justice League movie and hopefully a standalone Wonder Woman flick. Gadot starts shooting her role i May for the Man of Steel sequel, and she’ll only be banking $300 000 for that appearance.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3Hold onto your microwaveable pizza, because it looks like we have our first peak at a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. And by first peak, I mean a Halloween costume that looks like it should be set on fire. Cowabunga dudes!


Extras-bullet-points-micro3With Kervyn out of the office, that means that Star Wars rumours become non-existent around here and I’m totally lying to you about that. The first rumour concerns animation powerhouse Pixar, as Disney is looking to possibly tap their skills to create their own animated Star Wars movie.

While Disney has their own in-house animation studios besides Pixar, while making use of the Clone Wars staff, that fills me with all kinds of good feels. Plus Joh Lasseter would no doubt jump for joy at that bit of news. That, and I can’t take those animated Star Wars Lego films anymore, I just can’t.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3Carrying on with those rumours, it looks like the original three’s company of Mark Hammil, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will be back in costume come this April. Speaking to TV Guide, Fisher said that she was hoping to reprise her iconic hairstyle again for the film:

I’d like to wear my old [cinnamon buns] hairstyle again – but with white hair. I think that would be funny.

And there goes my childhood crush.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3You know what The Dark Knight Rises was missing, besides a language translator for Bane? Alan Partridge ripping it up, that’s what. Here’s a clip of Steve Coogan of Rob Bryden once again making fun of Michael Caine himself in The Trip to Italy, before taking on the entire mess that was the third Batman movie.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3Jack Bauer is going to have another bad day, but this time, the working hours are much shorter. Production has kicked off on 24: Live another day, with London being decked out in espionage and action. Here’s a sneak peak at Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub on the set, having just barely managed to survive the rush hour commute on the British subway system.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3I assure you, we’re open. While Kevin Smith wraps up work on his horror flick Tusk, he’ll be getting back behind the camera soon for Clerks 3. Dante and Randall will no doubt return, as will Jay and Silent Bob. One other returning cast member? Rosario Dawson, who told Den of Geek the good news:

Den of Geek: You mentioned earlier Clerks 3, and I know Kevin Smith said in October that he’s aiming to have it out by this November 2014 for the 20thAnniversary. Do you know if that’s still happening?

Rosario Dawson: Well, we haven’t shot it, so I don’t know if that’s possible. [Laughs]

DoG: Do you know if it’s shooting this year?

Dawson: Don’t know. He just confirmed that I’m in it!

Now to convince Trevor Fehrman that there are no sequel demons hiding in Clerks 3.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3You know, the second film has barely finished crushing the box office, and there’s already a poster out for the third Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay. And everything is still on fire in the future. Tsk.


Extras-bullet-points-micro3And finally, we’re taking another look at Her. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, the film imagines what it would be like to fall in love with a companion device that accompanies you everywhere. Honestly, if my Nokia X3 had Scarlett Johansson’s voice, I’d also be smitten. But what if it had the voice of Phillip Seymour Hoffman?





Last Updated: January 23, 2014

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