Home Entertainment Extras! Willem Dafoe is A Wanted Man, Looper goes metal, RDJ injury halts Iron Man 3, R-Patz to play T-Lawz, Zoe Saldana sings some jazz and Ryan Gosling gets coloured? Plus much more!

Extras! Willem Dafoe is A Wanted Man, Looper goes metal, RDJ injury halts Iron Man 3, R-Patz to play T-Lawz, Zoe Saldana sings some jazz and Ryan Gosling gets coloured? Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

So just yesterday we were all Pixar up in here, and today in a total random happenstance we get our first clip from the studio’s new Toy Story spinoff short film, Partysaurus Rex. The full film will be playing alongside Finding Nemo 3D when it gets re-released in the third dimension later this year.

I’m pretty sure that when Robert Downey Jr started work on Iron Man 3, somebody wished him that old contradictory stage greeting “Break a leg”. Boy, they must feel like real tossers now. Production on the Marvel sequel has come to a halt after RDJ sustained a serious ankle injury during a stunt.

So yesterday the world got to see the sizzle reel that director Joe Carnahan created for his gritty 1970’s based Daredevil pitch, prompting a lot of people all around the internet go “Seriously, Fox?”. Now we get to hear from the man himself as to exactly what transpired with the studio and how he felt about it.

“I was brought in pretty late in the game and my take probably didn’t help matters since they had an existing script. But I just thought that if you were going to do it, this was the way to go. It was initially something I passed on because Christopher Nolan had done such a lovely job with Batman and unless you’re going to go after that trilogy, then that’s how you have to think. You can’t out-hurdle that, then what’s the point of trying?

“So it set the bar extraordinarily high, and I thought ‘Well, if we’re going to do this, let’s have a discussion about Hell’s Kitchen, and how it was really Hell’s Kitchen in the ’70s,’ so that got me really excited. But as I mentioned, the clock ticking and this kind of October drop-dead date, it wasn’t tenable.

“Having gone down this road in the past, when you’re trying to write something and shoot it at the same time, it’s disastrous. I think you’d need an adequate amount of time to put that script together in the right way.”

Did you enjoy that earlier clip from Partysaurus Rex? All rainbows and happiness and sprinkly good stuff, right? Well, here comes a new uber-creepy clip from The Possession to scare all that niceness right out of you.

Yeah, I ain’t sleeping tonight either.

You know how you sometimes see a movie trailer or a clip or a poster and you think “That looks cool, but I’m not sure if I want to risk a cinema ticket price on it, so I’ll just wait until it hits DVD” and then a million other people think the same thing and the movie subsequently makes very little money despite being pretty damn good? Well then it’s a good thing that Pajiba compiled this list of 12 Pretty Great Movies You Forgot About Before You Ever Got Around To Watching Them.

Robert Pattinson continues his quest of playing people that are definitely not vampires, as he will be portraying the role of T.E. Lawrence, better known to his homies as Lawrence of Arabia – in Queen of the Desert, director Werner Herzog’s biopic of famed female Middle East explorer Gertrude Bell, who will played by Naomi Watts.

Writer/director Cynthia Mort’s Nina Simon biopic, Nina, may have fell apart when Mary J Blige pulled out of the lead and the production experienced financial difficulties, but looks like everything is looking jazzy again as Zoe Saldana has signed on to play the role of the legendary singer.

Jason Reitman’s Labor Day has just wrapped up production. We know this because the director tweeted this pic telling us as much. How thoughtful of him.

Looks like Willem Dafoe is A Wanted Man, and not just by people who are still upset by how crappy Speed 2: Cruise Control was. The actor will be replacing Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the espionage thriller from Anton Corbijn, director of The American. Hoffman’s supposed co-star Rachel McAdams is also getting traded in for Robin Wright.

Want to keep up to date on all things Wolverine? Then you’ll be happy to know that director James Mangold can now be found on the Twitterz.

The Looper viral advertising is in full swing, as Slashfilm’s Peter Sciretta found out when he got the following in his mailbox.

@slashfilm: “Received a chunk of metal from the future in the mail today”

We got a couple of films adapted from books coming up later in the year, and the LA Times is here to tell you whether you should bother reading the books first before seeing the films.

And just when you think you’ve seen all the crazy there is to see, the internet goes and surprises you. Somebody has gone and made a Ryan Gosling colouring book, titled  Color Me Good. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Been too busy to check out any trailers for movies this year? Don’t worry, Youtube user trigger687 has your back. He/she has created one epic trailer using footage from all the major releases of the year so far, and couple more still to come. I give you 2012: The Movie: The Trailer.

Last Updated: August 16, 2012

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