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Extras! Yoda gets speech lessons, Wayne's World 3: The Mall Tour, a whole lot of "F-ck" and exactly where did all the VFX budget for John Carter go?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

There’s a new poster out for Sacha Baron-Cohen’s latest bout of hi-jinx, The Dictator. The poster is actually pretty standard stuff and not very memorable. I guess Baron-Cohen decided to save money on advertising so that he could cover Ryan Seacrest’s laundry bill.

Not content to be just be as obsolete as the last 20 years have proven him to be, Dana Carvey decided to steal some thunder from Will Ferrel’s Anchorman 2 announcement, by announcing third sequel to 90’s goofball slacker comedy Wayne’s World. Only it’s not what you think… Also, Dana Carvey does an awesome Arhnuld impersonation.

With Easter just around the corner, many people are getting ready to enact that most biblical of traditions: stuffing your face with raisin bread and fish until your pants scream for mercy. While engaged in said stuffing you may want to entertain yourself with some Easter themed film materials but are not in the mood for anything too preachy. Well then you’re in luck, as AVClub lists 27 Easter based entertainments that aren’t biblical epics.

Personally, this rousing tale gets my vote:

[NSFW WARNING for strong language, mild violence and more WTF than you can handle!]

Blue haired singer, Katy Perry, has revealed to THR that her 3D concert movie will be titled Katy Perry: Part of Me and will be released in the US on the 4th July. The law of averages dictates that somewhere out there right now, there is somebody reading this who actually cares about it. I’m having a very hard time believing that though.

Stupid Thinkgeek April Fools Day jokes. Why can’t this be real? I want an inflatable Star Trek captain’s chair!

One of the reasons that John Carter’s box office takings were so negatively looked upon was due to the film coming in at a whopping $250 million dollars. It’s always been believed that one of the main reasons for that ludicrous budget was the numerous lengthy reshoots that were done. But now, director Andrew Stanton has set the record straight on his Twitter feed, and prepare yourself, because it’s a shocker:

I had no idea that Taylor Kitsch was actually our very own Gavin Mannion.

Let’s face it, he may be a twirling tiny ball of death and infinitely quote-worthy, but Yoda’s backwards speech patterns can really get on your nerves sometimes. And if you’re one of those that has just had enough of his ways, then this video you must watch:

It’s a simple four letter word, whose origin has been lost to time. It’s severely frowned upon by some as vulgar, used as by other as an adjective wildcard, and in the case of Eddie Murphy, used to launch a career. And due to it’s diverse uses, it’s found it’s way into a lot of films. Some way more so than others. How much so, you ask? Well lucky for you the fellows at Pajiba are not too squeamish when it comes to strong language as they have assembled a list of the 25 films that most frequently use the word “F-ck”.

Damn, Spike Lee. You’re a potty mouth!

I want, nay, I NEED this custom made John McClane doll. I need it!

And we end today on a gorgeous little short film that marries an utterly unique visual aesthetic with some classical conspiracy film stylings. Created by ShortOfTheWeek founder Andrew S. Allen, it tells of Professor White and his attempt to crack the infamous Thomas Beale cipher so as to track down the fortune in gold it supposedly leads to.

I simply love this film, from the catchy music, to the eye-catching rotoscoping techniques, to the noir themed voice-over. I highly recommend that you give it a watch.

I do believe that that is all for today. I’m actually about to get comfortable on the couch so as to take my first, way overdue steps in regaining my dignity. Yep, I’m about to finally watch The Princess Bride for the very first time.

Last Updated: April 3, 2012

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