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Ezra is back with a new look in this first clip from Star Wars Rebels season 3

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It’s not often that you get a TV series that really manages to rewrite the book on how it’s going to operate when a season finale draws close. It’s even rarer to see that happen in an animated series, a genre which prides itself on always maintaining a status quo that is rigid in its excution. Star Wars Rebels has been different however. Over the last two seasons, it hasn’t grown just the universe around it but the small cast of core characters as well that make up the crew of the anti-Imperial ship the Ghost.

Season 2 however, may have been the biggest game-changer yet for Star Wars Rebels. With Darth Maul back, the order of Inquisitors all but annihilated and Kanan left blind, this was a season where action gave birth to some big consequences. The biggest change however, may have been in Ezra himself. Tipping dangerously close to the Dark Side of the Force, Ezra is now caught right in the middle of the eternal war between the Sith and the Jedi.

Ezra wasn’t just changed fundamentally, but physically as well as one of the last Jedi in the universe is now sporting a shorter haircut to make life easier for animators, a new lightsaber and a more ruthless attitude. Hit the mark of around 3:40 in this video to see for yourself:

Looking good! Star Wars Rebels is easily my favourite slice of LucasFilm content ever since Disney took over the brand. And I have a soft spot for Hondo, one of my favourite side characters in the franchise. Love that swindler. Expect to see more of Star Wars Rebels season 3 this weekend, when Star Wars Celebration kicks off in London. Because it looks like whatever happened on Malachor, has had a lasting effect on one of the best animated TV series on air today.

Last Updated: July 14, 2016

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