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Film productions in the UK set to resume in June

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If you like movies as much as I do and enjoy the experience of going out to enjoy certain films on a big screen, then you’re probably a little disappointed at how 2020 has turned out. While there are worse things to worry about in a pandemic like this one, the thought of not going to see a movie in the theatre for the rest of the year is an extremely hard one to swallow, and yet it might be what we will have to deal with the way things are going.

It’s not just the lack of being able to go out to see a movie though that is concerning, but also the fact that so many film productions have also been placed on hold for now. Meaning that if things were to go on, not only would we not be able to go out to a cinema, but we may also run out of new movies to look forward to – even on streaming services – and be forced into watching repeats. At least it looks like there may be some positive news on that last front as Deadline is reporting that the UK government has revealed plans to get film productions in the country underway from next month. If their alarming infection and death rates get under control that is.

The government is working closely with the screen sector to understand how different types of productions can comply with social distancing guidelines, and give confidence to people in the TV and film industries that there are safe ways in which they can return to work.

What this essentially means is that the likes of Matt Reeves’ The Batman and The Little Mermaid along with many other films will be able to resume production, though how exactly those productions will look with physically distanced or isolated film crews is not exactly clear. With travel restrictions still in place, if certain people can actually get to these locations that would also be an issue that needs to be solved, but hey money talks and with these movies bringing in a lot of revenue to the country’s coffers, I’m sure they will make a plan.

This coincides with news that parts of the US are also reopening to allow film productions to begin again, meaning that even if we won’t be able to go theatres soon if studios do decide to embrace other release channels, we should at least be guaranteed content and a few new movies moving forward.

Last Updated: May 14, 2020

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