This first full trailer for MOANA is still falling!

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I have to give it to Disney, they know how to win the hearts and minds of many and with this new trailer for Moana, I have a suspicion they are about to do it again! Not content with owning all the money-making IPs they are creating NEW material! NEW!? What is going on here!? Kervyn and I were delighted with the first trailer we were lucky enough to see at the Disney 2016 showcase a few weeks ago, but with this new trailer, a lot more is offered. Sadly I think some of that ‘a lot more’ are scenes from the end, why must they do this!?

Starring the God Dwayne Johnson – no, don’t look at me like that. He IS a god, well, a demi-god with a hundred names anyway. Johnson has certainly been in a lot of movies these days but unlike Nicholas Cage they haven’t all sucked. I think this role is pretty much perfect for him too. Stepping onto the stage next to the almighty behemoth is the rather smaller newcomer Auli’i Cravalho. I am pretty sure we are going to be hearing a lot more from her in the coming years. Anyway, have a watch and prepare to grin:

That looks like a ton of fun! Also, I have a feeling that sidekick chicken is going to elicit a bunch of laughs form everyone. Damn he/she/it looks about as mental as Trevor after eating all the cookies.

Directed by John Musker and Ron Clements and also starring long-time voice actor Alan Tudyk  the film is packed with talent. I think Disney will be swimming in a bunch of cash come 23 November when Moana is officially released.

Last Updated: September 16, 2016

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