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Neill Blomkamp’s new film Demonic reveals new plot details and images

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Few directors have burst onto the international stage like South Africa’s own Neill Blomkamp, whose District 9 film took the world by storm. Blending remarkable visual effects, gritty action, and a cleverly told story that juxtaposed the story of stranded aliens with South Africa’s treatment of the non-white population during Apartheid, the film was a massive sensation around the globe and marked Blomkamp as a talent worth watching on the world stage.

He then proceeded to follow that masterpiece up with entirely okay Elysium and the absolutely awful Chappie, and it appeared as if his Hollywood rise to fame story may have already been over. A few failed projects and several short films though, the director is back to making feature films as he makes his horror debut with Demonic.

We haven’t known much about what this new film is about since it began shooting, but thanks to a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly and the release of some images and behind-the-scenes footage from IFC Films, some details are finally coming to light.

Blomkamp describes his new project as a “crossover between science fiction and horror”.

The main character is a girl whose been estranged from her mother. During the course of the film, she gets sort of reunited with her mother and we learn about some crazy back story that she wasn’t aware of.

A description that doesn’t tell us an awful lot about the plot of the movie. I guess true to his style, Blomkamp is keeping the details of his story under wraps. Though the pictures and footage on display certainly paint a disturbing setting and fate of some of its characters, fitting into its horror premise.

Demonic stars Carly Pope, Chris William Martin, and Michael Rogers with no signs of Die Antwoord anywhere to be seen, which is good news. The film is set for release to theatres on August 20th, making its way to On-Demand and digital release a week later.

Last Updated: April 30, 2021

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