First pictures for Wreck-It Ralph surface online

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Well, considering how Disney have produced films that covered everything from jungle kings and books to Judi Dench voicing a cow, it was only a matter of time before they dipped their hands into the world of video games for their next project.

Wreck-It Ralph was revealed last year, and the CGI-Not-created-by-Pixar film centers around the life of the titular Wreck-It-Ralph, who yearns to be more than just a video game bad guy. After screwing up the launch of a new, modern game in his arcade, Ralph has only a short amount of time to set things right before his beloved home is shut down for good.

So it’s pretty much your standard Disney fair, only with teh vidjeo gamez. Here’s a look at the first official images to escape onto the net.

Wreck it Ralph features John C Reilly in the title role of Ralph, with Jane Lynch as Sergeant Calhoun and Sarah Silverman as a troublemaking racing car game driver.

Now for extra points, see if you can name all the games that the above screenshots take their inspiration from.

Last Updated: February 7, 2012

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