First teaser trailer for ARRIVAL is the first weapon drawn

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I love science fiction which is why I enjoyed the 1996 movie The Arrival, which looks nothing like the 2016 Arrival (no article!). The new film has piqued my curiosity though in a way only a teaser trailer can and for that I feel a mixture of guilt and glee. Arrival boasts some serious talent too, like Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker which is enough to get me interested from the get go. However, it also has a distinctly Interstellar-like feel to ita movie I rather enjoyed in spite of some Prometheus-level stupid plot devices.

The teaser of course doesn’t give too much away but it looks like aliens arrive in pod-ships and Adams, who plays world-famous linguist/translator Louise Banks, is sent in to open communications with them. Accompanying her is Whitaker’s Colonel Weber (there must always be an army guy when approaching aliens with peace in mind…) and Renner’s physicist Ian Donnelly. I never understood how a physicist could actually help on the ground in science fiction movies, I mean they are smart sure, but smart in a ‘math on chalkboard!’ type of way, not ‘I’ll Matt Damon the sh*t out of this’ way.

Okay, I am being overly critical, have a watch and see what you think!

I must say this is the first I have heard of this movie and the teaser has done what it is supposed to and got me all excited! The real trailer, which will more than likely give away the ending, the character motivations and an anatomical blueprint of the aliens, arrives on 16 August. It’s also directed by the rather brilliant Denis Villeneuve who recently did Sicario, a visually stunning movie, so I have high hopes here!

Last Updated: August 11, 2016

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