Friday Debate: What are you doing in the office while everyone else took a long weekend?

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Despite all the crap I give him, I have a lot of love for Darryn. He’s a workhorse, has a fantastic work ethic, is loyal, and has blossomed into a damned good writer with a ton of personality. And right now, I hate his goddamned guts.

Y’see…he had the foresight to book today off. By nabbing a Friday sandwiched betwixt a weekend and a public holiday, the devious little bastard has managed to grab a long weekend. So here I am, sat at my desk, forced to actually do some work for a change. My wife took today off, my kids have today off – and they’re all behind me, taunting me as I write this, because they’re bastards. Just like Darryn, and just like everybody else who had the prescience to put in a day’s leave today.

Tell us! What are you doing in the office today? Are you sitting at your desk, doing incredibly important stuff like playing minesweeper, or are you taking the quieter time to actually get stuff done? Are you sitting, spitting teeth as I am at the bastards who took today off, or are you making the most of it?

Or are you one of those clever ones who actually took today off?

Last Updated: August 10, 2018

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