Genndy Tartakovsky gives an update on the SAMURAI JACK feature film

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He’s been entertaining our kids (well, actually mostly, us) for years, and he probably also taught most of you how to say “Cheese omelet” in French, and now Genndy Tartakovsky will finally be getting his big screen dues with Hotel Transylvania.

But there’s another of the Russian-born animator’s highly popular creations that has been talked about making the cinematic transition for ages, but for some strange reason just hasn’t happened yet. Now Tartakovsky finally sheds some light on exactly what is the hold up with Samurai Jack: The Movie

While speaking to Collider about Hotel Transylvania, Tartakovsky provided this bit of info about the long delayed project:

“It’s still around. Every year, somebody new picks it up who tries to push it through. I feel like, with Jack, it’s a funny curse. People like it for A, B and C, but as soon as they want to make it, they say, “Well, we can’t do A, B and C.” But, those are the key ingredients that make it successful. Once somebody comes along and just says, “I want to make it for what it is,” then it will get made. But right now, every time we try to run it up the flagpole, it never sticks.”

All of this comes off as a big surprise, seeing as Samurai Jack is not exactly the most complex concept. It’s a simple, but immensely fun tale of Asian flavoured badassery with it’s most challenging aspect being a very distinct visual aesthetic. But surely a CGI rendered (but still kept true to the 2D stylings) animated film should be a no-brainer here? It already has an established audience and would more than likely kill at the box-office. So what’s with the back and forth?

While Hotel Transylvania does seem to be lacking that trademark Tartakovsky touch, if it does well at the box office it will hopefully put an end to all this dilly-dallying and finally allow the man to put his own unfettered vision on the screen.

Hotel Transylvania opens on September 28th.

Last Updated: July 3, 2012

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