Gerard Butler is going to be a DYNAMO

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While I know as much about football as I do about rocket science (A lot when I try to impress women, nothing in real life), but I do know that Gerard Butler loves his soccering games.

And while this isn’t the first film wherein he donned some short shorts to kick a ball around, it looks like ol’ Leonidas will be taking to the field for one iconic game of foosball, in Dynamo.

Based on the Andy Dugan novel, Dynamo: Defending the Honour of Kiev, with Eli Richbourg writing the script adaptation, the film will tell the tale of the historic game that was played between an occupied Ukraine and the Nazi forces during World War 2.

When the German forces took over the city of Kiev, they faced stiff resistance on a daily basis. Deciding to break the morale of the rebel forces, they organised a football game, albeit one in which the Nazi players were well fed and trained, while their Ukrainian opponents were a group of starved citizens.

Butler will play Trusevich, with filming to begin next year on location, once a director is found. Butler will be kicking a ball before then though, in the romantic comedy Playing for Keeps, where he’ll face something far worse than Nazis on the field.

Yep, soccer moms, the greatest evil known to mankind.

Last Updated: October 31, 2012

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