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Get a first glimpse of Gollum, from THE HOBBIT!

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Soooo, theys wants to seee what Smeagol loooks like in the preeeqqqueeell to that film about that filthy hobbit, BAGGINNSSSS, do they? Fiiiine, we’ll let you have a peek at our precioooouusss then…

While The Hobbit may be headed towards trilogy territory, that most likely means quite a few extra shoots ahead for the principal cast. One such cast member who will most likely be renewing his contract, is long-time Peter Jackson collaborater Andy Serkis, the body and voice behind the infamous Gollum from the original Lord of the Rings trilogy.

E! has some new pictures of the actor, one of him digitally, and the other in his motion capture getup, below:

Two new images from Peter Jackson’s upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey are now online, depicting Andy Serkis as Gollum both behind-the-scenes in his motion-capture gear and in his finalized, animated form. Check them both out below, courtesy of E!.

Serkis may have stolen the show with his performance in the first Tolkien trilogy, but it’s the Hobbit where the character first revealed himself, playing a much more sinister and antagnostic role originally, as he encountered Bilbo Baggins, who stole that precious ring of his away from him.

And while ol’ Smeagol here has barely changed physically, that face of his looks even more expressive, thanks mostly to the fact that Serkis has a camera shoved in his head, to capture those nuanced performances.

The first Hobbit film is out in December, with a second one following in 2013, and most likely, a third one in 2014.

Last Updated: July 26, 2012

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