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Go behind the scenes with the incredible filmmaking techniques of 1917

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Given all the film delays at the moment, news from Hollywood is quite rare lately. What we can talk about is just how awesome some of the recent films that came out were. Last year was an incredible year for the industry with the release of the biggest box film of all time (Avengers: Endgame), more movies than ever crossing the $1 billion in revenue mark and a foreign language film eventually going on to win the Best Picture Oscar.

One of the other standout films of last year was Sam Mendes’ 1917. While it didn’t end up winning the big prize at the Oscars, it remained one of the most remarkable technical achievements of the year with its near single take effect that was a marvel to behold. It’s no surprise that it was nominated for so many Oscars for its exceptional cinematography, editing, direction and mixing.

As impressive as it looked on the screen, it was an even more masterful effort to capture the footage that way and now thanks to a special Behind the Scenes reveal by Screen Rant, we can see just how they were able to film many of the 1917’s elaborate and continuous scenes.

In addition to words from director Sam Mendes, this behind-the-scenes clip features snippets of interviews with the film’s stars, George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman, as well as steadicam operator Peter Cavaciuti and producers Jayne-Ann Tenggren and Callum McDougall. The standout star though is the incredible way that they were able to capture all this footage in a truly memorable way. Certainly, makes you appreciate the film even more.

Last Updated: March 24, 2020

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