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Good people always die in this first trailer THE WALKING DEAD's season 6

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Earlier today, when I posted the first trailer for The Walking Dead’s upcoming companion series Fear the Walking Dead, I mentioned that despite the main show’s massive upswing in quality lately, the zombies were not all that terrifying any more. But really, who needs them when you have an unhinged Rick Grimes?

Over the course of five seasons we’ve witnessed Andrew Lincoln’s ex-Sheriff go from just being a desperate family man to an honourable leader to a man who is willing to do anything – anything! – to protect his close friends and family, even if what he’s doing is so despicable that they hate him for it. And as Rick calmly blew out a man’s brains in full view of the peaceful Alexandria community members and his returned old fried Morgan (Lennie James) during the season 5 finale, all of that pragmatic bloodletting came to a very dramatic head.

And judging from this first trailer for the upcoming new season unveiled at Comic-Con this weekend past, that drama is being escalated, well, dramatically. Rick’s ever-worsening actions have apparently shunted him into the series’ villain role, as the community he is claiming to protect seem to now fear him more than the undead. And it looks like it’s going to be up to the ass-kicking, bo-staff wielding Morgan to stop him!

This is quite the twist for the show, and one that has clearly been well-earned and long in the making. And based on how insanely hectic and tense this trailer is, I simply cannot wait for the full season to start! Check it out below.

The Walking Dead‘s sixth season is scheduled to debut on October 11, with a 90-minute long premiere.

Last Updated: July 13, 2015

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