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Harry Potter eyes hunchbacked role in FRANKENSTEIN

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As a few of you know, Hollywood enjoys making several films with the same subject matter at once, just to make doubly sure that dead horse is good and beaten. One of the current themes being savages is classic monster movies, with a few projects underway for Dracula and Frankenstein. Well, one of them just got a little bit more interesting with our favourite boy wizard eyeing the role of a certain hunchbacked assistant.

That’s right, Daniel Radcliffe is set to play the film’s version of Igor, creatively called “Hunchback” in Paul McGuigan’s Frankenstein, scripted by Max “Chronicle” Landis, which will put a sci-fi spin on the already familiar Mary Shelly tale. The character is described as:

Dirty and pathologically so. He wears old clown clothes, faded. His slouched posture and long hair is offset by his intelligent eyes.

Well, I think this could be a very interesting role for a career choice for Radcliffe, who will soon be seen in Horns, where he will be solving his girlfriend’s murder with his devilish powers. He is definitely trying to shake his background at Hogwarts and I think he is doing swimmingly so far, but he has a while to go before crazed fans stop drawing lighting scars on pictures of his forehead.

I’m quite curious to see what this film has in store for us. Max Landis is hot property in Hollywood at the moment and while not wholly fresh, Chronicle did do well to breath a bit of life into the found footage genre which didn’t involve invisible ghosts.

What do you guys think, will Radcliffe make a good pseudo-Igor?

Last Updated: September 28, 2012

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