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I’ve got a certain love for the more “pulpy” side of entertainment. That era where all problems could be solved by punching Hitler in the face, and driving a car that ate through petrol like a corrupt politician eats through taxpayers money didn’t signal the end of the world. And it’s that attitude that I loved, in the first Captain America movie.

When Steve Rogers super-soldiers up and leads the Howling Commandos through various raids that result in gigantic tanks being blown up and the battle of the bulge having a massive death by star-spangled shield mortality rate, that to me summed up the film at its best. I’m not expecting that much action in the upcoming Agent Carter series that will see Hayley Atwell reprise her role as Peggy Carter and foil various schemes around the world, but heck I’d love to see such themes carried out in spirit at least.

Speaking to TVLine via CBM, Atwell explained that Carter’s ambitions all tie in to Steve Rogers, and how she is carrying out the work of the ‘love of her life’, picking up the shield in a metaphorical sense.

I think she found in him the love of her life, the greatest man that she’s ever known in terms of his character and his values. And in that grief we see her own personal struggles and her own kind of exhaustion, but also the determination to carry on his work.

As for what audiences can expect in the first season, Atwell explained that Carter would be an agent of note, but a human one at that:

Everyone on the planet is only strong until a certain point, everyone has a trigger, and this season really shows that. [In Peggy] we don’t have someone who is superhuman in her abilities. We see her cry, we see her private moments, we see her loneliness. We see the emotional and psychological costs of the position that she’s in and the loss that she’s had of Steve.

Sounds kinda rad. Agent Carter kicks off soon. Or as I like to call it when looking at these promo images, “Carmen Sandiego with guns”:

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Last Updated: January 5, 2015

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