Home Entertainment Here's the trailer for ACCIDENTAL LOVE, the new David O. Russell movie that isn't a David O. Russell movie

Here's the trailer for ACCIDENTAL LOVE, the new David O. Russell movie that isn't a David O. Russell movie

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Confused by that contradictory headline? Then let me explain: Despite being what you might call “a big deal” in Hollywood, even a multiple times Oscar-nominated filmmaker like David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, The Fighter) can sometimes run into money trouble on a production. That’s what happened on Nailed, a pic that Russell was developing way back in 2008 and which, despite boasting a cast consisting of stars like Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Bill Hader, Tracy Morgan and more, he and the producers just could not keep afloat financially. After a whopping 14 stop and go’s on the production, the plug was eventually pulled just one day short of its scheduled filming wrap date, but most importantly, before Russell could film a crucial scene in the script – the one where Biel’s character actually gets the titular nail in her head.

Since then the unfinished film has been collecting dust on the shelf over at Millennium Entertainment. But the production studio has apparently now adopted a “waste not want not” attitude and brought in Stephen Greene to try and salvage a complete movie from what footage they have.

So who’s Stephen Greene? Nobody. And I don’t mean somebody you’ve never heard of, I mean he doesn’t exist. “Stephen Greene” doesn’t seem to have done anything movie related ever and is probably just some sort of Alan Smithee-type pseudonym that the studio editors who slapped this movie together are using as they cannot use Russell’s name on it. They’re also not using his original name for the movie any longer either.

So here now is the trailer for newly retitled Accidental Love, the feature film debut of “director” Stephen Greene. And personally, I think it looks… okay. Not great (some of the gags are kind of lame), but certainly not terrible and at least not exactly like what it actually is: an unfinished movie hastily held together with tape and a prayer to try and make it work. See what you make of it though.

Formerly known as Nailed (David O. Russell), Accidental Love tells the story of a small town waitress (Jessica Biel), who accidentally gets a nail lodged in her head as her boyfriend (James Marsden) attempts his marriage proposal. Her predicament leads her on a journey to Washington DC, where she meets a dashing but clueless congressman (Jake Gyllenhaal), who might be able to help her unusual case.
Will their blossoming romance survive the cut-throat politics of the Capital? With an all-star cast that also includes Catherine Keener, Tracy Morgan, James Brolin and Paul Reubens, Accidental Love is the funny story of what happens when sparks fly and love interferes with what you stand for.

Accidental Love will be getting a limited theatrical release on February 10, 2015.

Last Updated: January 9, 2015

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