Hitler is not horrible in this trailer for LOOK WHO'S BACK!

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There’s a school of thought that you should never joke about a tragedy or the people involved with it. Personally, I’m of the opinion that it’s not just healthy but complete human nature to make light of the horrific, so as to easier understand it. Clearly, German filmmaker David Wnendt agrees with me. Based on Timur Vermes’ controversial, best-selling novel of the same name, Wnendt’s Look Who’s Back! (Er ist Wieder Da) is an upcoming mockumentary that posits what it would be like if Adolf Hitler had to suddenly find himself in modern society. And also discovered the internet.

Much like Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, the film is a mix of scripted scenes and also hidden camera recordings of “Herr Fuhrer” (played by actor Oliver Masucci) interacting with real life Germans on the streets, and the results seem to be both funny and intriguing from a socio-political perspective. At the least the German cinemagoers certainly thought so as it made nearly $22 million when released in its home country last year.

Now THR reports (via Slate) that the rights for the sleeper hit has been picked by Netflix who plan to make it available globally in non-German speaking countries as from April 9, 2016. And accordingly, a new trailer – well, a collection of short trailers and clips really – has been released. Check it out below.

In an ironic twist, Look Who’s Back! was produced by Constantin Films, the production company behind Downfall, the critically praised Oscar-nominated and very serious film depicting Hitler’s final days during WWII. Downfall is most (in)famously known though the source video used in all the “Angry Hitler” parody videos found scattered throughout the internet. Constantin spent years trying to have these videos – which saw the Fuhrer angry at everything from Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift to Twitter going down – taken down from the net, before eventually giving up, declaring the task impossible. And now they’ve made a movie making fun of an angry Hitler.


Last Updated: February 11, 2016

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