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Netflix Thickens the MOTU Plot with Another Show

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So the plot thickens…

It would seem that Netflix has another MOTU show in the works that releases 16 September.

Aimed at younger audiences, where Kevin Smith’s show is more adult oriented, it will act as a revival of the original series.

The synopsis for the CG show is that Eternia, the first planet of all creation, is attacked by a demonic tyrant, Skeletor, who is on a mission to capture the ancient fortress, Castle Grayskull. Young Prince Adam and his merry band of hombres get their grubby little paws on enchanted Power Weapons, one of which is the iconic Power Sword, and they are transformed into Masters of the Primal Powers of the Universe, with powers they will wield to have a good ol’ barney with Skeletor and his…errr…chommies and restore peace to their planet.

Nearly a month after the much talked about and disappointing release of the Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe: Revelations, Netflix graced us with a trailer:

After all the hub-bub of the Kevin Smith show, this show, even aimed at younger audiences, might get irate fans of the franchise to calm down and enjoy the show they wanted, even though it veers slightly off course from the original lore from the 1983 show it seems.

Now Original Heretic might have the show he can share with Baby Original Heretic and watch He-Man do his butt kicking of Skeletor thing.

I really hope this will be good for the fans that was disappointed in the Kevin Smith series.

What do you guys think? Mouth off as per usual.

Last Updated: August 24, 2021

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