Holy amazing artwork, Batman! Feast your eyes on the posters from Mondo's "Batman 75" show

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Mondo. Just the mention of the name is enough to make my wallet whimper and Darryn’s bat-nipples tingle. The movie poster art studio has consistently been producing some of the best and most gobstopping beautiful alternative movie posters in the business for the last few years now already. And this weekend past, they decided to take that talent to celebrate an old man who dresses in rubber and growls at people. No, I’m not talking about Nick from 20 years in the future, but rather Batman, who celebrates his 75th anniversary this year.

In honour of the famed character’s 3/4 century achievement, Mondo held an art show at their gallery in Autin, Texas, USA, and commissioned some of their most popular artists to produce pieces celebraiting the Dark Knight’s history in comics, film and TV. While you would have had to be at the event to witness all the Bat-glory, all of the posters have been posted online (via Slashfilm) for us to ogle at. So feast those Bat-peepers on these pieces and let us know which one is your favourite.


Last Updated: October 27, 2014

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