Holy biblical prophets, Batman! Ridley Scott wants Christian Bale to be his Moses for EXODUS

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Just earlier today we reported about how Warner Bros is urgently looking to get Academy winning director Ang Lee behind the camera on their gritty Moses biopic, Gods and Kings, after original director Steven Spielberg LET HIS PEOPLE (and directing deal) GO!

The reason for their urgency was the development of a competing Moses biopic from director Ridley Scott titled Exodus. And if Scott gets his way, Exodus is about to get a big name lead: Batman!

Christian Bale was previously up to play the titular role in Darren Aronofosky’s Noah, before that role ended up with fellow on-set ray of sunshine, Russell Crowe, but according to Deadline, Bale may just be getting a second chance at playing a biblical prophet. They’re reporting that Scott and Twentieth Century Fox are actively pursuing the Dark Knight actor, and while nothing is “etched in stone” they will take him the moment they can get him.

Bale is currently busy shooting David O. Russell’s untitled spy drama (previously colourfully titled American Bullsh*t), and has two upcoming Terence Mallick drama’s on his dance card, so it’s not quite sure where he would fit it in. Scott though is apparently looking to make this his very next project after he gets done with the Cormac McCarthy penned The Counselor.

Exodus was originally written by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage before Scott brought in his American Gangster collaborator Steve Zaillan to do the most recent draft of the script.

Bale would certainly be an inspired choice for the Jewish leader, with his natural charisma and thespian skills (and beard) and thanks to one unlucky director of photography, we also know that he can definitely go Old Testament on some folks.

Last Updated: March 18, 2013

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