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How Ben Affleck got cast as Batman, bat-training revealed

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I’ve got to be honest, waking on Friday to find my Twitter stream flooded with “NOOOOOO NOT THAT NEWB COCK SUX” and hearing that Ben Affleck was now Batman, was surprising to say the least. While a million new Batman experts seemed to spring up from nowhere overnight, presumably having been in the shadows all along, I was optimistic towards the news of his casting.

Affleck ticks all the right boxes for me and what Warner Bros is looking for in their next Batman, so I’m willing to give the man a chance. So how did he land the role of a trust-fun orphan vigilante with parent issues then?


According to THR, talks for Affleck to don the cape and cowl began right after Snyder completed work on Man of Steel. Affleck, as well as Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling were approached for the role, with Affleck being particularly open towards it. After discussing more of the film and story ideas with Snyder, Affleck liked what was on the table and thus negotiations began for him to take on the project, at least in the acting department.

And it seems that we’ll be seeing Affleck for a while. He’s signed a multi picture deal to be the Batman, so expect to show up in Justice League as well when that project finally gets up, up and away. Affleck is going to be busy though, thanks to his sudden interest in rubber bodysuits. He’ll be shooting his next film Gone Girl from next month and into February, then go from there to Batman vs Superman while doing prep work on Live by Night and then a prohibition era gangster movie that he’ll write-direct-star in.

And all this, while hitting the gym for two hours a day to get into fighting shape for the role. Klap it boet. As for all that internet criticism about Affleck as Batman? The actor took it well. He went back to his mansion, cleaned up several of his Oscars, remembered that he’s married to the sexy Jennifer Garner and told the internet to go suck a lemon. Probably.


Last Updated: August 26, 2013

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