In Other News – 13 February 2013

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Tomorrow’s Valentine’s day, that annual Hallmark holiday where guys are made to spend all of their money on praline-filled chocolates, shiny trinkets, exorbitantly-priced flowers and whatever badly-stitched-together fluffy bear some greasy tool’s imported from China by the boatload. It’s a complete con! And for what?

The off chance that you might end up with tulips on your organ? If you do really love someone, and are lucky enough to be with someone you genuinely care about, then you should be doing nice things for him or her all the time to show that you care — not just one day out of the year because a greedy greetings card company bloody well said so.

Still fair warning; if your lady says she doesn’t want anything for this horrible, invented holiday then it’s probably a trap. I am going to be in all sorts of kak tomorrow.

In Other News: Ancel’s unhappy, The PS4 could take on Kinect, Black Ops 2 is really innovative you guys, StarCraft 2’s going to be 6 gigs bigger and Far Cry’s 3’s nae shite.


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Deadpool game coming in Summer
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Spaceballs easter egg in Aliens: Colonial Marines
6 gig Starcraft 2 patch on the way?
Nvidia’s Titan specs revealed?
Black Ops 2 to get an innovation award?


Aliens: Colonial Marines PC vs 360 comparison
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Opening cinematic leaked!
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Last Updated: February 13, 2013

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    My wife also said that she doesn’t want anything, I sense a trap!

    • Run my friend! It is totally a trap! This day was invented by women to just get more than they normally do! Oh your wife is so tricksey! Totally test – don’t fail! Long year to get through.

    • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

      As did mine. Mmmmm. To tempt fate or not?

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        I rolled the dice, balls intact, cheesy sms is all she got, and I got very positive feedback on that one!

        BUT, since our anniversary is around the corner (5 years marriage), I better make a plan :-

    • matthurstrsa

      As did mine. We’re just braaing. Man, I hope its not a trap. All safe so far.

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        I shall be braaing, but with a N

  • Lardus

    I forgot to book leave for that “darkest of days” tomorrow! I hate the fake loveydovey bs! And then you post such a pic reminding me why we are all in the V-day horror in the first place! Nice ION with a correct angle!

    • Admiral Chief Erwin

      I would like to Romain-here

      (check where she is from)

      • Lardus

        Lol, already Googled her so I got it! I would concider doing something for her for V-day!

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    Also, V-day and V-disease, leaving that thought with you all.
    Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool!
    Unless you married, then gaan groot! (with your significant other!)

  • Valshen


    • Andre116

      I think you meant: BOOTS WITH THE FUUUUUURRRR.

    • Deon Steyn

      That’s Barney Rubble’s wife.

    • Unavengedavo

      I don’t see any fur on her boobs… OI sorry, you said boots

  • Trevor Davies

    I must notify PETA immediately. Can’t have that lovely fur covered by a disgustingly attractive woman.

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