In Other News – 28 June 2013 Weekend Edition

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Nicci Pisarri

I’m not here right now. In fact, I should be exiting the theatre right now, after having gone to go see Man of Steel. And will have most likely paid a high price for having done so. Because stale movie popcorn ain’t cheap yo. At least the rest of the gang won’t notice my disappearance. I left a…double in my office chair.

In Other News: Half a million blood dragons are wild, new deets for Drakenguard, Double Fine has filled their Massive Chalice and watch Sylvestor Stallone punch like a vegetarian.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because Geoff was too busy promoting my inanimate decoy for a thousandfold increase in work quality.


Drakenguard 3 gets new character and plot details
Former King of FIghters devs seek funding for an original 2D fighting game
Just Dance 2014 new modes detailed
Double Fine’s Massive Chalice finishes Kickstarter campaign with $1.2 million
Kingdom Hearts HD graphics rebuilt from the ground up
Frequent Mario Bros releases aren’t excessive says Nintendo exec
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon sold 500 000 copies
Furious Fez creator hits out at Microsoft in Twitter rant


The Last of Us climatic moments could have been very different
Capcom’s greatest contributions to gaming over the last 30 years
The evolution of the minifig
Awful game features (Done in the name of realism)


ARMA III – Sitrep 1
Layton Bros Mystery Room – Launch trailer
Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection – Launch trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Zack Snyder talks Man of Steel sequel ideas
The next Terminator film gets a release date, will be the first of a new trilogy
Sly Stallone punches like a vegetarian in this first trailer for Escape Plan
Friday Fright Club – Fright Night 2011
Movies out today – Man of steel yourself!
We Review White House Down – Dumb fun, emphasis on the dumb
First official images for The Counsellor, plus read an excerpt from Cormac McCarthy’s script

Model: Nicci Pisarri

Last Updated: June 28, 2013

  • Lardus

    Wel, sy lyk lekker…ek bedoel oulik 🙂

  • Vampyre Squirrel

    I’m just left sitting here wondering what this double of Darryn looks like…

  • Hammersteyn

    The article about Capcom just goes to show how they are now staler than the popcorn Darryn just ate in the cinema.

    • RinceWind

      Agreed, makes me sad. I didn’t notice the lack of Darryn to be honest… trololoo

  • RinceWind

    A great week people! Except for Monday. Monday can go fuck itself in the ear. Have a brilliant weekend all of you, stay safe on the roads. If you are anywhere near Pandora and Tiny Tina and you happen to hear RAGE on a scale of 1- UNIVERSE, and the sighs of a desperate sidekick, you may just stumble upon OVG and Rince. If this happens, RUN 0-O

  • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

    Have a great weekend all 🙂 and drakengard 3…droool

  • OVG

    I bet Darryn is sweating out that 2l coke while in his Batman costume. Not even an Eskimo would wear it.

    Remember, Supermans dad and step dad used to be?

    • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

      I’ll have you know that I wore my Kryptonian Battle Armour to the cinema, instead

      • hairyknees

        OMG YOU’RE CLARK KENT?! Nice one 😛

      • OVG

        sweet. Cosplay of the year 😛 Where is the curl that distinguishes Superman from Clark Kent? because nobody will recognise the chop without his glasses on :p

  • Grimthwacker

    The ION reminds me of someone/something…. I’m not sure who…. ah yes! Now I remember….

  • Hehe The fez guy is one angry little troll, he ranted against Nintendo not so long ago as well, ripping into the company that he stole a lot of ideas from.

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