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IRON MAN 3 Comic-Con panel: Video of dancing RDJ, and Ben Kingsley confirmed as The Mandarin!

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Yes, we’re still on the Comic-Con trip around here, as there was just too much too get through yesterday. But it’s a good thing we held back on some as last night Marvel officially made available the video of one of the most talked about panels of the whole convention: Iron Man 3. Not only was it where they announced Ant-Man, but they also showed film footage that brought the house down.

And the consummate showman that he is, Robert Downey Jr kicked it all off like only he can: by making white guy dance moves look cool.

They then cut to the footage of the film, which unfortunately due to Comic-Con exclusivity rules, there isn’t a video of, but here’s a rundown of what it showed, courtesy of Collider:

We open with Iron Man putting on his new suit that he can summon through force of will (I believe this is the Extremis armor, but I don’t want to officially call it that).  He has some pieces that don’t want to behave, and they start zipping around the room, smashing into things (Tony included), and he gets slammed with some pieces in his nuts and in his back, with the mask the last piece ready to strike.  “I’m not scared of you,” Stark says defiantly to the hovering mask.  The mask charges, Tony dose a sweet flip, the mask clicks on, Iron Man sticks the landing, and strikes a bad ass pose.  Then the Marvel logo comes up.

The next scene has Tony bantering with Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau).  Hogan has quit since he was tired of people laughing at him when he told them he was Iron Man’s bodyguard.  It’s a cute way of breaking the fourth wall regarding Faverau’s exit from the director’s chair.

After this nice comedic banter, we get to the serious stuff.  Over shots of new characters played by Guy Pearce and James Badge Dale as well as returning cast members Gwyneth Paltrow andDon Cheadle, we hear Ben Kingsley deliver some menacing voice over.  “Some people consider me a terrorist,” the voice says.  “I consider myself more of a teacher.  Lesson 1: There’s no such things as heroes.”

Then we see Tony’s Malibu home get absolutely destroyed by missiles being fired from helicopters.  All of his suits are destroyed except for the one he’s wearing (I’m not 100% sure if this was his newest armor, but I think it was).  Iron Man manages to escape the missiles, but he plummets into the ocean below ,and plunges deep underwater where he’s desperately trying to dodge the falling debris of his home.

Then the title comes up.  Of course, we’re not done yet…

We see a hand putting on the last of ten rings, one on each finger.  We then see a figure remove his hood and pull a gun at no one in particular.  The screen goes to black, we fade in, and we see The Mandarin (Kingsley) sitting on a throne.  His voice over closes out the trailer: “If you beg for mercy, you will be silenced.”

What surprised many people about the footage was Kingsley. Not just for his reveal as the Mandarin, which had been strongly hinted at for ages now already, but rather that the veteran actor seems to be taking a page from Heath Ledger’s book. While his garb may be fairly traditional, Kingsley has decided to give the character a voice unlike anything we’ve heard this far, and which had everybody in Hall H losing what little bit of the minds they still had left.

This is just one of the things that was spoken about when director Shane Black, Marvel Studios Executive Kevin Feige, Don Cheadle (James Rhodes aka War Machine) and ex-Iron Man director Jon Favreau (Happy Hogan) joined RDJ on stage. They also discussed Iron Man’s place in a post-Avengers world, the thrilling tone of Iron Man 3 and how Favreau feels now being just an actor and not also the director. Kevin Feige also took this time to introduce Edgar Wright, who spoke about his vision for Ant-Man.

Last Updated: July 17, 2012

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