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Is Chuck joining the Warriors Three in Thor 2?

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I enjoyed Thor, but it certainly had it’s flaws. Ridiculous Shakespearean time frames aside (the entire movie, from Thor being an impetuous godling, to being banished, to meeting Jane Foster, to becoming a hero all takes place literally over a weekend), one of my comic book fanboy peeves was that the Warriors Three – Thor’s loyal companions for ages – got given pretty little to do in the film.

One of them, Fandral – the God of Errol Flynn cosplayers apparently – was played by Joshua Dallas, who has since found loads of success in modern TV fairy tale Once Upon a Time. His commitments to that hit show has now caused him to bow out of the production. But Marvel already has its eyes on a certain geeky spy: Zachary Levy.

THR is reporting that Levy is currently in early negotiations to replace Dallas in the role, which couldn’t have come at a better time for the actor, as his comedy/espionage show Chuck (in which he played the lead title character) has finally seen its final episode aired a few months ago, after flirting with cancellation for years.

Ironically, Levy was originally approached to play Fandral back in 2010, when it looked as if Chuck had finally spied his last mission, when a passionate fan campaign convinced the network to grant the show a last minute stay of sentence. That unexpected turn-around took Levy out of the running, paving the way for then unknown Dallas to take the role. But now with Levy, you know, looking for a job, it looks like he’ll be donning the green tights and goatee after all.


Last Updated: June 11, 2012

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