It's NIGHTFALL in this first trailer for the new Halo series

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I loved Halo 4 so much. The story was great, the game was beautiful, and it also came with some awesome CGI shorts that filled in some of the story and allowed you to sit back and watch. So that is what I’ll be doing this November when Halo: Nightfall arrives.

From executive Producer Ridley Scott comes a live-action digital series that has all the DNA of the iconic director – dark, gritty, and reeking of cyber-gothic awesome.

Taking place between Halo 4 and the sure-to-be-success Halo 5, the series follows Mike Colter (Zero Dark Thirty, Men in Black 3) who plays Jameson Locke, a super soldier in the Spartan army. MS said the Xbox One will mix entertainment forms so having a series about Locke, who will play a big role in Halo 5, land before the game is a great way to build on the Halo universe and keep the fires under fanboys burning bright.

Have a look at this awesome trailer and tell me you are not a Master Chief fan!

The script is penned by Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring with Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (The Legend of Butch & Sundance) directing. The show will be available from November 11 through the collector’s edition of Halo and also on the Halo Channel.


Last Updated: October 23, 2014

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