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J.J Abrams next film might be…animated?

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I’m not exactly a big fan of films done by J.J ABrams. Usually, they’re of the variety that will blind your retinas with an excessive use of solar flares, or they’ll be obtuse epics that leaves Abrams sniggering in a corner as people try to make sense of them.

And for his next flick, instead of blinding audiences or providing unanswerable questions that he pulled from his, he’ll be tackling animation next, with The Beastlies.

Abrams is looking to make a film and TV Series based on the cutesy creations. But, uh, what are The Beastlies? Surprisingly, here’s some background and info for you.

Scultped and sold by artist Leslie Levings through her Etsy shop, the Beastlies are pretty much just a bunch of pocket monsters with some colour. And that’s it really, as they have no real backstory at all…

Curse you Abrams, you’ve tricked me again!

Levings confirmed through Twitter that her line of Beastlies would be turned into a “modern day equivalent of the Smurfs”, so expect a licensed tie-in that will target children and the wallets of their parents.

Although, they are kind of cute. Here’s a gallery of them, for you to gawk at;

Last Updated: November 5, 2012

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  1. James Francis

    November 5, 2012 at 16:08

    Those are pretty cute. And you can give Abrams one thing – he knows how to turn something for a quick buck.


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