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James Badge Dale is a cold-blooded villain in Iron Man 3

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When AMC cancelled Rubicon, I came very close to shedding great big man-tears. (I may forgive, but I’ll never forget, AMC!) The slow-burn conspiracy thriller was just some damn fine television, helped in no short part by star James Badge Dale’s captivating performance.

Since that show’s untimely death, he’s been keeping steadily busy, turning in a number of stellar but understated supporting performances, most recently in The Grey (slight spoiler alert: He’s the dying guy on the plane) and Shame, he will also soon be seen in Gore Verbinski’s Lone Ranger as well as World War Z.

And now it looks like it’s going to be a battle of the initials as JBD is set to take on RDJ in Iron Man 3. 

According to the report at Variety, Dale (who already got quite a taste of soldiering in HBO’s The Pacific) would be taking on the role of soldier Eric Savin, who in the Marvel comic universe was head of security for the US Army’s Project: Ultra-Tech. After suffering life threatening injuries courtesy of a landmine, the Project resurrected Savin as the cyborg Coldblood.

How this ties into the all-but-confirmed reports that writer/director Shane Black’s script for Iron Man 3 will be based off the Warren Ellis “Extremis” story-arc is still unclear at this point. But seeing as the Extremis tech was about using nanobots to rebuild the human body in ways never before thought possible, it could be that Savin will be either a test subject who turns bad, or perhaps one of the terrorists who steals the revolutionary technology.

Either way it’s just good to see a great TV actor successfully making the transition to great feature film actor. And I truly believe that he can be a great foil for Tony Stark, because after all, after facing down Truxton Spangler, a rich playboy billionaire should be a piece of schwarma.

Last Updated: May 17, 2012

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