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James Gunn reveals playlist of unused tracks from Guardians of the Galaxy films

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Do you know what makes a great story and action even better than expensive spellbinding visual effects? Great music, that’s what. And perhaps no recent comic book movie has done this better than Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films. While you could argue that the film lacks a compelling original score, it instead utilises many classic tunes from the 1970s and 1980s to go with its great sci-fi themes, which adds both emotion and excitement to the film as well as actually playing a minor narrative role in understanding the character of Peter “Star Lord” Quill.

As awesome as the soundtracks were for both Guardians of the Galaxy films, there are a lot of other great tunes that had to get cut from those along the way. Tracks which could’ve made the “Awesome Mixes” even better, but ultimately had to be left out because the fils already had too much awesomeness to work with on a soundtrack level. According to director James Gunn in a recent Twitter conversation, some of those hit singles could feature in the third film in some form or another, although the director isn’t making any guarantees given that he is still working on the script for Guardians Vol. 3.

While I am happy that the film’s soundtracks came out the way they did, there is a still some amazing tracks that could’ve made them even better:

Granted, not everyone may be a fan of this music, but you would be hard-pressed to deny that the impact that these tracks made to the experience of the Guardians of the Galaxy films and that any additional entry in the franchise should put just as much emphasis on the soundtrack as it does on any other element of the story.

Last Updated: April 21, 2020

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