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Jamie Foxx is trying to find his life again in this trailer for Pixar’s Soul

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One thing I’ve always appreciated about Pixar movies is that they aren’t afraid to tackle sensitive topics and themes. They might make animated movies with a large drawcard towards kids, but because they are also able to tackle deep topics in a way that is relatable to younger audiences without missing out on the depth that makes them equally thought-provoking to adults. And their next movie might be the most challenging yet, as Pixar is about to take audiences into the world of soul in a film that deals with death, the afterlife and a will to live.

In Soul, Jamie Foxx stars as Joe Gardner, a music teacher who finds himself in the mysterious afterlife (dubbed The Great Before) after falling down a New York manhole. In typical Pixar fashion, the ambitious Joe is paired up with a soul named 22 (Tina Fey), who is content to be remembered for her silly cowboy dance. The mismatched duo will have to work together to help Joe’s soul get back to Earth and learn some important lessons along the way.   

Pixar might be one of the most original movie studios out there, but if you could ever look for a formula in their work, this film will certainly tick all those boxes. It certainly explores a heavy topic but feels comical and lightweight enough in how it matches very different characters together for humourous effect, offering lots of symbolism, life lessons and packing an emotional punch along the way.

That the film also reminds one of Pixar’s Inside Out, which dealt with the different human emotions, is no surprise as Soul is also directed by Pete Doctor. It’s certainly going to be an interesting movie for Pixar as this ambitious story and view of the afterlife is bound to be controversial with some. Still, as a film it should offer plenty of entertainment, laughs, memorable characters and plenty to think about.  

Soul is scheduled for release on June 19, 2020.

Last Updated: March 13, 2020

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