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JANE GOT A GUN finds a new warrior of a director but loses a villain

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Oh to be a fly on the wall on the set of Jane’s Got a Gun. The highly anticipated Natalie Portman starring and produced Western was looking to be one of the most interesting films of the year, and while it still maintains that description, it may be for all the wrong reasons.

The movie made huge news a few days ago when director Lynne Ramsay simply didn’t show up on the first day of work (C’mon, we’ve all been there, right?), causing a very heated scramble to find a replacement. Well, according to THR they’ve managed to do just that in Gavin O’Connor, but it seems like the game of musical chairs continues as they’ve now lost Jude Law. Oi vey.

O’Connor first came to folk’s attention when he wrote and directed the 2008 crime thriller Pride and Glory, but it was with Warrior that people really started to take notice. The MMA drama was easily the best movie almost nobody saw in 2011, garnering Nick Nolte an Oscar nomination, Joel Edgerton some serious Hollywood clout and Tom Hardy some super scary neck muscles. And honestly, while Ramsay – who has impressed quite a bit with her films, most recently We Need To Talk About Kevin – was a very intriguing choice to direct, I personally feel that O’Connor is actually a better one.

He’ll also now be reteaming with Edgerton, who was originally cast as the indie Western’s villainous outlaw, who comes to finish off Portman’s ex-outlaw husband after he recently came down with an acute case of Being Shot and Left for Dead By Your Old Gang After You Turned On Them. Cornered and desperate, Portman’s Jane reaches out to her crack shot ex-lover to help defend her homestead. Said ex-lover was originally supposed to be played by Michael Fassbender, but due to scheduling conflicts as a result of delayed production on X-Men: Days of Future Past, he pulled out of the film just two weeks before cameras were supposed to star rolling.

As the film’s biggest star, his departure was quite the blow to the production, even threatening its financing. But Portman and fellow producer Scott Steindorff managed to salvage the situation by moving Edgerton into the male lead role, and bringing in Jude Law to now wear Edgerton’s vacated black hat.

But now word from Deadline is that Jude Law has also ridden off into the sunset, in response to Ramsay’s departure. THR is reporting that clashes with Steindorff last week is what  prompted Ramsay to pull the no-show, but we don’t know what those clashes were about. Law, who joined the production mainly because of Ramsay, is clearly taking her side in all this. Either that or he’s just the first rat to realize that the ship is sinking.


Last Updated: March 22, 2013

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