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Jennifer Lawrence (and maybe Nicholas Hoult) done with X-Men after APOCALYPSE

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If you’ve gotten used to the idea of seeing a blue, practically naked Jennifer Lawrence prancing around on your screen every few years, then you may be in for some changes. Speaking to MTV (via Vulture) on the red carpet for the premiere of her latest film Serena, the Oscar-winning actress revealed that the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse will be the last time she will play the shape-shifting mutant Mystique in the X-Men franchise.

You can skip to the 3:30 mark of this interview to see Lawrence confirming her departure from the series, or just watch the entire thing and see Lawrence and frequent co-star Bradley Cooper (Serena is their third time working together) be totally cute with each other.

And apparently she’s not the only blue mutant that we may be saying goodbye to soon, as Nicholas Hoult – who plays Hank McCoy aka Beast – told E! Online that Apocalypse “is the last one I’m signed up for.” Hoult fans shouldn’t get too sad yet, as there is a chance that the young actor will sign a new deal to don the fur again if required, as he’s more than willing.

“The first one did so well and [Days of Future Past] got received so brilliantly. It’s like, ‘Wow, people really want to see the films’ and the best thing is it’s a great crew and cast to work with and he’s a fun character. I have a good time playing him so I’d keep making them.”


X-Men franchise writer/producer Simon Kinberg has previously said that we’ll be getting to explore the relationship between Beast and Mystique in Apocalypse, so if the duo do call it quits, they will at least be ending with solid character arcs. Kinberg also stated this film is the end-cap on a trilogy that began in X-Men: First Class and continued in last year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, so it’s not wholly unexpected that some of this cast will no longer be around going forward. The 1980’s-set Apocalypse will be seeing the return of some new old faces (if that makes sense), as younger versions of previous franchise stalwarts Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) and Storm (Alexandra Shipp), who will more than likely be taking the lead on the next batch of X-Men movies.

X-Men: Apocalypse starts filming next month and is scheduled for release on May 27, 2016.

Last Updated: March 25, 2015

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