Jeremy Renner involved in a violent Thailand bar brawl

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TMZ reported last night, that while in Phuket, Thailand (possibly to shoot The Bourne Legacy), star Jeremy Renner (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Avengers) and some of his party became involved in a violent altercation in a local bar in the early hours of the morning.

Apparently the fight broke out when one of Renner’s party, Vorasit Issara – the General Manager of the Siri Panwa Resort – dropped a glass on the floor. Clearly in Thai culture this normally innocent accident has some deeper mysterious meaning  to do with, I suspect, amoral grandmothers and the creative application of horse steroids. At least that is the only thing that I can think of to justify the fact that 6 of the bar staff then began attacking Issara, Renner and the rest of their group with iron and wooden bars, a knife and a home made battle-axe.


A. HOME. MADE. BATTLE. AXE. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Mr Issara was slashed in the neck with said barbarian weapon of death, and also stabbed in the stomach with a knife, leaving him in a serious condition. According to Renner’s agent he managed to extricate himself from the chaos unharmed. All 6 men were arrested, but these guys are just lucky that there wasn’t any bow and arrows handy!

Last Updated: January 6, 2012

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