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Joseph Gordon-Levitt becomes a director

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We grew up watching the brilliant actor flex his skills as an intelligent, albeit awkward alien teenager in Third Rock from the Sun, before he disappeared for a while, popping up as one badass Cobra Commander and then winning acclaim for his role in Christopher Nolans Inception.

Now, the popular actor is going to stretch his creative wings even further, as he gets ready to direct his first film, in an untitled comedy he has written the script for and has Scarlet Johansson playing a role alongside him.

Speaking to Deadline, Gordon-Levitt didn’t divulge any more details, but he did reveal that he would be playing would be one of a “selfish dick”, a contemparary Don Juan who wants to become a better person.

“I wrote myself a helluva role, one that people wouldn’t necessarily have thought of me for,” the actor said.“It takes practice to get used to seeing yourself and not being freaked out and self conscious by the sound of your own voice.”

So far Gordon Levitt has funding from Hurt Locker studio producer Voltage Pictures, with more coming in from his own studio, the Hit-Records Film Company.

He’s locked in funding from Hurt Locker producer Nicolas Chartier’s Voltage Pictures, and plans to co-produce via Record Films company. Gordon-Levitt then recounted what exaclty happened to him that caused him to drop off the map a few years ago;

“I was a child actor for years and quit at 19, went to school awhile, and a big part of why I came back was that I ultimately wanted to make movies,” Gordon-Levitt explained.

“I spent a year working with Chris Nolan, Rian Johnson, Steven Spielberg, and I did my best to pay attention. I’ve also been making short films for a long time now, I’ve directed a ton of them, and that is a huge part of why I feel comfortable and confident in this.”

In the meantime, expect to see more of Gordon-Levitt and his acting skills in films such as Premium Rush, The Dark Knight Rises and Lincoln.

Last Updated: February 9, 2012

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