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Katherine Heigl considers tracking down killer puppets in the "Happytime Murders"

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The Muppets may have experienced success at the box office recently, but that doesn’t mean that the world is ready for more puppet movies to appear.

One way that might change however, is if said genre film were to ditch the cutesy aspect and explore the inner darkness that a puppet must feel, considering that they have to live with a hand up their rectum for most of their lives.

Of course, having a decent female lead can’t hurt either, which is just what the film, The Happytime Murders has been given in the form of Katherine Heigle, who has signed up for the Brian Henson project.

Set in a world where puppets and humans live side by side, The Happytime Murders focuses on a washed up private eye puppet, who has to invetsigate a string of murders revolving around former members of the Happytime gang., alongside his former partner at the LAPD.

Written by Todd Berger, Henson has been trying to get the film started for years through Lionsgate, with work finally beginning now that IM Global has sold the project to foreign buyers to raise production funds.

Seeing as how no one made a sequel to that cult classic TV show, Greg the Bunny, this might be just what audiences need to be convinced that puppets aren’t always cute and cuddly.

Last Updated: February 6, 2012

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