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Kevin Smith talks TUSK and CLERKS 3

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Kevin Smith has been pretty vocal about his upcoming film as of late. With several hit podcasts under his belt, the director has been able to drum up some viral anticipation for Tusk, a creepy story about a man answering a house call to be a live-in walrus, with the transformation slowly becoming more and more horrifying.

Smith has some updates on the film, as well as his long anticipated sequel, Clerks III.Smith was originally editing his movie together at full speed in order to make the cut-off date for the Sundance Film Festival, but those plans have changed. With two more days of filming to go, Smith has also hored Chris “Dark Knight Returns” Drake to score his movie, and will instead debut a trailer at Park City.

Here are some of the highlights from a very long blog post that Smith wrote about Tusk:

  • The 20th anniversary of the first Clerks film will be celebrated at the Sundance festival
  • Smith will film Clerks III in Charlotte, North Carolina because of the positive environment that he experienced with creating Tusk there.
  • Tusk is almost completely edited, save for the two days of filming needed with a mystery actor
  • “TUSK is the best flick with which I’ve ever been involved. Holy shit, did Michael Parks and Justin Long CRUSH it! This flick is like porn if you like to watch actors emote and say fucked up things about shipwrecks and sharks and Ernest Hemmingway and walruses and terror and madness. “
  • “The whole flick is loaded with SModCo Easter eggs: visual and dialogue references to lots of shit I’ve talked about and said in all of my podcasts these many years. It’s not inside baseball at all, and if you’ve never listened to a podcast, you won’t miss anything – but if you’re a regular listener to all my chatter, get ready to go on an aural treasure hunt.”
  • Smith has hailed his cinematographer James Laxton “the real rockstar of Tusk.” “This is the best looking flick on my resume now, with composition that looks like it belongs to a far better film. “

Honestly, Tusk sounds completely messed up and beyond crazy. So that makes it my kind of film.





Last Updated: December 4, 2013

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